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3 thoughts on “The Truth Finally Comes Out: But Not From Obama

  1. Jerry T

    POTUS,now here’s a guy who came with all the accolades of the finest wines and polished in brilliance far beyond what can be imagined. No task was above his reach, he was that finest cardiologist of unbiased politics anywhere, one man who could restore the heartbeat to our economy. So we got a colonoscopy from a glow worm wino sucking down a bottle of Ripple intent on apostatizing what our founders bestowed upon all Americans,loyalty to nation and flag, freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This man has no honor nor even a pubic hair of patriotism and as such it will be his legacy for eternity. The funny part is that “Dumb Bo” will never understand that part. Obama is the product of two party’s and the media gone awry, systemic of 300 million people with out a voice or any true and honest leadership. He is an empty container with a dark past that remains hidden along with everything he has ever been or done. If you or I had such a moniker all we would know is shame. But not this Golden Boy and his Mad Hatter first lady, not even the Beasty Boys he is surrounded by. They all get a free pass. But for our dear POTUS, he dwells in wonderland where only imaginary works, he likes imaginary. Soon enough he may find out that you can only follow a rabbit into so many holes before he realizes that the cards he’s holding may just turn on him. But knowing Barack and that bright Cheshire grin he has there is always a plan B. He knows he can always turn to that land called OZ, plus I heard they were short one witch and few odd monkeys.

    1. Chris Vaca Post author

      Well said Jerry, If his latest lies don’t wake-up the American people, the next sound we hear will be a giant flush.

  2. Jan Brown

    Oracle ? Hmmm, probably not. You probably are smart enough to realize that a beautifully decorated cake doesn’t tell you ‘what’s underneath” Or how many baker’s mistakes it can cover up. So rather than standing & admiring, you scrapped a corner off to see what flavor it was before gobbling it down. Am afraid it was that boring “common sense’ driving you to look before leaping….unfortunately far too many couldn’t be bothered.

    Given the chance, I believe among my first questions to a POTUS candidate would be to ask…”What does it mean to SERVE and do you know, understand the Constitution as it is meant to guide ‘we the people”.

    Boy, the ‘cash for clunkers’ came with flashing warning neon signs..yet … As a whole it appears that we have become a nation of instant gratification & addicted to ‘freebies’. Remember the kid in school running for class president that gave away candy for votes….not much progress, huh?

    If ‘ME’ can’t be turned into ‘WE’ nothing will change. There is a abundance of ‘good’ people not all are suited for public office of any level, meaning that being ‘good’ just isn’t enough. Since it’s doubtful most of us plan to crawl in bed with them, and already have a BFF, it’s not really necessary to fall so blindly in love that we can’t consider the value of others…..As for the candidates this last round…once they didn’t garner enough votes, they tucked their tails & went home to sulk….not work for the party….is that their idea of service to their country or ego?

    There’s a lot to think about and think we must…This boy that would be king has given us all the ammunition,we just need to use it wisely…we must not become a ‘one issue party, but act a one party.

    Mr Author, I relinquish my soapbox.

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