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2 thoughts on “The Few, The Proud, The Unisex

  1. Michael R Shannon Post author

    Dear Ms. Brown,

    The Obama Administration’s total incomprehension of the military and patriotism has been evident almost from day one.

    The damage they do will long outlast them,

  2. Jan Brown

    This entire Administration is almost void of military experience. Which means an equal amount of understanding… guess we shouldn’t expect it….Seems they have the motto “If it’s not broke, break it”…..

    With due respect to my gender, there simply just are places women have no business….combat is one of them.

    Without pride & leadership we weaken our security…Since the beginning of this country so many have given their all… If this is a show of Obamites appreciation…Keep it!! My family has paid enough & doesn’t need these demeaning changes!!

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