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The Feminization of The National Football League

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  1. This guy is a 6’5″ 300 pound pussy. He got his little feelings hurt, maybe he should join the Girl Scouts.
    A while back I wrote a book “Real Men Eat Salami” It’s a humorous look at the wussification of men in our society.
    I wish this story came out when I was writing my book.

    • I remember when I was in 3rd grade and my teacher suggested to me that Hulk Hogan, when he goes out to dinner with his family does not jump on tables and put people in headlocks. Why? There is no need to act out that persona in public. These men are professional football players, and a lot of the comments as well as the original articles suggest that the word professional is only in quotes. Incognito was acting in a way that was unprofessional and unacceptable. This is how adults in a professional setting act. If this were a story of two clowns having a similar argument, I doubt that there would be people throwing up their hands and disgust and saying, “C’mon, he’s a clown. Settle this with a pie in the face!” Hopefully two employees who work at a shooting range who have a conflict would not settle their grievance by walking ten paces. But because this is between two football players you seem to be disappointed that he’s handling this problem the way any professional would. It is honestly beyond me why the implication that wanting to deal with this professionally (when he has done nothing wrong, mind you) is being treated with such scorn. In the comments section here people have said he should be practicing his needle point, selling girl scout cookies, and becoming a showtunes singer. Someone even suggested that the Iranians would somehow benefit from Martin’s actions. Really? I work with teenagers everyday, and when it comes to conflict resolution, I hope that they would take a page from Martin’s book instead of yours.

      • If a man chooses to go into a mans profession, he needs to act like a man.
        When Evander Holyfield got half of his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson, he didn’t run out of the ring crying. If Martin was a ballet dancer, you would expect him to act like he did.A soldier does not run and cry when he is shot at. There are times when a man has to stand up for himself or be ridiculed, which is what he chose to do. He is in the wrong profession. Teaching boys to run away from conflict? Sorry wrong move.

      • Hey Jon what size dress do you wear?

  2. Ok, let’s face it, Incognito & a slew of other professional athletes are total jerks. This incident should have been settled inside the Dolphin organization. Martin was drafted from a smash mouth college team and was no virgin to the ‘locker room culture’…Of course this doesn’t make it ‘right’ or PC. These younger players are provided a lifestyle for them and their families that would never have been possible w/o the NFL…and they like it!!! If Martin was tired of the constant need to stay physically fit and have his body beat up on the field, it would be extremely to tell his family that the gravy train was derailed….especially if the passion for the game was drained as well…I heard a retired pro yesterday suggest that ‘Martin may not want to play anymore & has lost his heart for it. This ‘suit’ may be a cry for help & to appease his family.”

    The locker rooms don’t gather for tea and needle point (Unless you’re Rosey Grier) exchanges and is not for the feint of heart or body. If every obnoxious ‘bully’ was fired, there’d be no football.

    This is about the last public bastion tough & rough strength left….Wonder how many would pay to watch these men to curtsy & say please ? Attitude does not have an off & on switch.

    Let’s hope the next discussion on this behavour stay s withing the organizations.

  3. Sir, let me get this straight. You think that it is appropriate for a grown man to physically assault someone in response to verbal abuse when nonviolent and potentially helpful interventions are possible? You also think that Mr. Incognito should not be held accountable for his behavior on an official level? Further, the suggestion that he should be held accountable for his behavior is somehow tied into feminization? Is every conflict not resolved with thrown fists a result of feminism? Is being a mature adult somehow a threat to your masculine identity? What was your reaction to Michael Vick? That they were just dogs?

    • Yes, it is appropriate. This is the NFL not of the lefties’ Political Stupidity seminars. We are being turned into pussies and it’s our enemies’ wet freaking dream come true. Libs are so freaking idiotic in Candyland, think Russia, China and Iran would just love us if we acted like a bunch of candyass showtunes singers. Give me a break, clueless wonders.

      • Hahahahahaahaha! What on Earth are you blathering about? Yes, it’s the NFL, not geopolitical relations, and also not a bloodsport. Why you think that the NFL holding a prick accountable for his behavior has ANYTHING to do with Russia, China or Iran or even political correctness is beyond all reason. I also think we’re pretty far off from the NFL acting like showtunes singers, but if that is something you are worried about it was the NFL of three decades ago that yielded the Superbowl Shuffle.