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The Biggest Presidential Lie of All

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  1. “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…it probably is a duck..” I suspect that most of us ‘commoners’ would’ve seen this as left over ‘duck stew’. While the elite legislators that WE elevated to power apparently thought, if it came from the White House it must be good. And they served it to us as “Duck ala Orange’, while telling us it was “Pheasant Under Glass”. Many of those that sat at the table gorging the ‘government issue’are now sick with a virus that is contagious …& become an epidemic ….bringing horror stories to an all time high…..

    The only pill available is a very bitter one that is almost impossible to swallow…still, it will offer a cure…This affliction will die of natural causes ‘if’ we use 20114 to strip many of the legislators with left persuasion of their power stripes. This means getting involved & working, with sleeves rolled up for a candidate that understands that serving is not the same as ‘self serving’ & egos be damned!

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we wtart to deceive”….so let them strange in it!

  2. Any private contract based on deception is usually made null and void by those deceptions and often followed with fraud suites!
    Why isn’t this LIAR in jail yet?!
    I will not participate in the ACA. And I will consider anyone who does to be a consummated traitor!