The Attack on Americanism!

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  • It’s things like this that make me think I’m on an island & all the sane people have already left. There is no consolation believing that these students likely don’t ‘know’ the Pledge, much less the meaning of it. And darn well no comfort to think ‘these students are in charge of our Nation’s future!!!….I wonder if these parents & board members were the one that ran away to Canada to avoid serving their Country??

    Christians have been on ‘trial’ throughout the ages & it appears we may always have our faith tested. Our Country was, indeed, founded on Christian principals that have been learned, respected & cherished since the beginning while giving us so very much. I suppose it is natural that there is envy of others who have decided that if they can’t figure out how to have it, neither can we.

    And speaking of islands, where have all of our readers & some contributors gone….If anyone spots them tell them to come home, they’re missed!!

    You Bettchum!!! IN GOD WE TRUST