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Rebuttal of Tom Collina’s and Kingston Reif’s call to cut nukes

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  1. Jan Brown says:

    I ‘mis-spoke’ (sound familiar?) What I intended to convey it that those (not the principals) that buy in to this thinking are under the influence of opium pipes.

    I have no doubt what you say about that this could well be coming down from the Kremlin…The Socialist have been secretly & subtle since FDR and now are openly launching a full frontal assault on our Government.(people)….and we were napping! The failed Communist Doctrine should be required reading in every high school and throw in a copy of “Fall of the Roman Empire & Mine Kompf…as lessons in Tyranny.

    Yes, China is just the first. Iraq & Syria are rapidly becoming an annex for Iran….but man o man do they hold their hands out for our ‘donation’…

    What do you know about the ‘humanitarian’ aide we send to China?

    If anything, we should build our armament in all areas…Of course we need Obama to quit firing top ranked professionals first.

    • Zbigniew Mazurak says:

      I don’t know if the US sends any humanitarian aid to China, but I know the US annually gives funding to the UN Family Planning Fund, which pays for coercive abortions in China. Such funding was withheld during GOP Presidents’ terms.

      I don’t think those who advocate America’s unilateral disarmament are under the influence of opium pipes. I think they know full well what they’re advocating, that they know they’re committing treason this way, and yet still want the US to disarm itself unilaterally.

      I agree that “If anything, we should build our armament in all areas…Of course we need Obama to quit firing top ranked professionals first.”

  2. Jan Brown says:

    I read & hear the Reifs and Collinas & have to think that they’re still lost in the fog of Hyde Park water pipes….Even an idealist would struggle to find logic in their remarks. “Ideal” ended when Eve picked the apple. …and still they persist with their argument.

    While respect of other nations is perhaps desirable, There is no escaping that a measure of ‘fear’ seals the deal. And a strong Military certainly gives us (or others) just that.

    I can’t believe that any rational thinker actually thinks that others have depleted their nuclear weapon and are afraid to use them as in leverage or defense.

    Thanks again ZM for another interesting & informative post

    • Zbigniew Mazurak says:

      Thanks, Jan! My pleasure. But the Reifs and Collinas of this world are not “lost in the fog” – they are pro-Russian saboteurs whose role is to convince the American public and policymakers to dramatically and unilaterally cut America’s nuclear deterrent. That is why they advocate such policies. It wouldn’t surprise me if their organizations were sponsored by the Kremlin, like the pacifist organizations of the 1970s and 1980s were.

      Oh, and I’m sure you’ve heard, by now, of Chinese media’s gloating that they can all target, and would dearly love to nuke, all major American cities?