Rebuttal of political admiral’s false claims about Chinese submarines

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  • While, like many, the technicality of this weaponary beyond the distance…..Admiral Greenert is, I believe, the caliber that we can expect to rise to the ranks that have been questionably vacated by the Generals & other field grade officers that have proven leadership & understanding and knowledge of logistics. Does this make any sense? Heavens, NO!! These now retired officers cared about developing & maintaining a superior force that could meet all comers…to include China!!…And couldn’t give a flip about Obama’s personal socialistic agenda.

    Now I understand that you want to ‘just’ invite those you like to a dinner party…but can someone please explain to the President that he belongs to ALL of the people & his bad (there are so many) is our bad as well…while his good seems to block us out.

    Enough of this, I have to go get my whet stone so I can have my knives sharp & ready for this gun fight.

    Thanks, again ZM