Rebuttal of Friedman’s and Preble’s blatant lies about US nuclear weapons

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  • Your whole premise about the rise of China is as a nuclear power is faulty at best and distorts history and economics. China wants to be seen as a superpower In order to do this they must achiev closer nuclear parity with the United States and Russia. The Communist Party running China wants their people to see that they can make a strong and prosperous country. In order to do that they believe that they have to have the military capabilities that other big powers.

    • It is your claims that are faulty at best. China wants to have the same military capabilities as the other big powers have partially in order to be a superpower on par with the US, that is true, but it also wants such capabilities because it has aggressive designs for the Asia-Pacific, as its repeated threats against Taiwan, Japan, and other countries in the region, and its recent unilateral declaration of an ADIZ around the Senkakus, show abundantly.