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2 thoughts on “President Obama calls Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu

  1. Jan Brown

    Obama sent ‘our’ negotiators to the highly publicized talks armed with white flags and gifts that make the ‘Hope’ Diamond pale in comparison. Resulting in a ‘deal’ reminiscent of Daniel Webster’s “Deal with the Devil”….Obama’s make nice call to Bebe (Netanyahu) was caca de toro & everyone knows it. He and his yahoos treatment of Israel has been despictable from the the beginning…..Maybe we should all take our 2nd Amendments & fly to Israel & stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends….Dana Perino told their Ambassador to the UN that not all Americans agreed with this so called agreement. Kudos Dana!!

    Cindi, since we seem to be the lone consistants these days, let’s just grab a couple of bottles of Jack, meet halfway & gossip about the others…:)

    1. Cindi

      Jan, I like your idea!! ;-) We gotta keep fighting the good fight, right?!

      Ok, so… I have written several articles on Israel over the years… but I am thinking it is time I write another. The Genesis 12:3 Foreign Policy.

      “I will bless those who bless you,
      and I will curse those who curse you.
      I will use you to bless
      all the people on earth.”

      Obama is on a collision course. Whether he believes it or not, God Almighty holds all the cards in HIS hands! This WILL NOT bode well for Obama! He is not the first president to go against Israel, in fact, he is just the latest in a long line of past presidents who have pressured Israel to divide her land. However, Obama is the one president who has turned his back on Israel. NOT a good place to be, I’m afraid!

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