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A Century of Failure: Repeal the 16th Amendment


Tax Code ‘bigger than the Bible with none of the good news’ HOUSTON, Nov. 22, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Americans For Fair Taxation® (AFFT) announced today their support for Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s (OK-1) transformational legislation repealing the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. “As the leading advocate of replacing our corrupt income tax system with a progressive, national consumption tax, AFFT ...

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Curing Ann Coulter’s Chicanery


Nigerian-American journalists and public commentators join issues with a challenged writer NEW YORK, Nov. 22, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — The following is released by the US-Nigeria Collective: Why did Ann Coulter choose to attack Nigerian-Americans? That is the question that must trouble anyone who read her recent article. Entitled “To speak to a Nigerian prince about health care, press ‘1’,” ...

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To Be Invisible


A powerful commercial about child abuse. “Children are a gift from the Lord, a reward from a mother’s womb. A young man’s sons are like the arrows in a soldier’s hand. The man who fills his quiver with sons will be very blessed. He will never be defeated when he opposes his enemy at the city gates.” Psalm 127:3-5

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Mr.President, Tear Down This Website. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!!!

  Obama is totally out of touch with what’s going on with his Obamcare and not in touch with the people at all. In fact a new CBS poll shows him at a 37% approval rate and 57% disapproval rate and things that are happening with the website are like something out of a Mad Magazine parody. Obama says he ...

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JFK Ideologically More Tea Party Patriot than Democrat


We’ve been inundated by recounts of the assassination of John F. Kennedy 50 years ago this week. There is nothing productive or of consequence that can come from continued musings over conspiracy theories, or retelling of the mythical Camelot that did not exist during the tragically truncated tenure of the 35th President. The most valuable thing that we can take ...

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Another Reason You’re a Racist


You gotta love the Daily Kos, where all the liberal fruitcakes find a welcome environment. Recently they ran a post entitled “You might be a racist if…..” and compiled a list of indicators that proves how white people dislike non-whites. The sad thing is, they’re serious. As a heart attack. Some examples from the post–my own parenthetic snark has been ...

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DEMOPRISY:  the hypocrisy of the Democrat ideology’s reality. It’s real and it happens ALL the time! Case-in-point:  Bill De Blasio, who was elected recently as New York’s new mayor with 73 percent of the vote has stated his first order of business is to shut down all the non-Planned Parenthood crisis pregnancy centers. Why? Because they don’t perform abortions. You ...

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Harlem Pastor: ‘I Believe the CIA will Assassinate Obama’


The Manning Report- November 20, 2013 From Pastor James David Manning in Harlem, New York As thousands of consumers receive health insurance cancellation notices, President Obama is continuing to fine tune his promise that Americans who like their health plans would be able to keep them under his signature health care law. The president told about 200 of his campaign ...

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Lies. Damned Lies. And Obamacare Statistics

The latest batch of October statistics from the Obama White House credits me with buying a Mercedes, BMW and an Audi. And the best part is it didn’t cost me a dime! All I did was take three test drives and here I am: A GDP–generating fool. This flexible interpretation of window–shopping and tire–kicking has great potential for the future. ...

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Rebuttal of Friedman’s and Preble’s blatant lies about US nuclear weapons

On November 14th, the NY Slimes newspaper published a litany of blatant lies about the US nuclear arsenal,written by Cato’s Benjamin Friedman and Christopher Preble, two anti-defense hacks employed by CATO. In it, Friedman and Preble falsely claim that: The US nuclear arsenal is “bloated” and amounts to overkill; Nuclear weapons and the nuclear triad are relics of the Cold ...

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  My two cents (if it is worth that much in an Obama economy) for victory over the Republican party opposition is as follows. I’ll preface my comments by saying I do not purport to be another Lee Atwater, Mike Murphy, Karl Rove or James Carville when it comes to political strategy. I, however, like many who are actively engaged ...

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Obama’s Apology Tour Continues

How can anyone forget Obama’s famous apology tour in 2009 as he went through Europe apologizing for America? There is no doubt that Obama does not hold America up as the shining light on a hill as Reagan did. Mr. Obama was asked in Europe if he believes in American exceptionalism. He said he did in the same way that ...

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