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2 thoughts on “Obama’s Apology Tour Continues

  1. Jan Brown

    France has it’s wine,. Rome has the Pope, London has it’s bridge, Iran has its nukes, Mother Russia has Putin Power, and we….the Unites States of America has a One man demolition team…WOW ! In just 5 years we have managed to go from extrodinary to a laughing stock

  2. Jerry T

    I agree with you across the board on this one Chris.
    The failed policies are not really failed policies, they are dead on Agendas. He also is doing pretty good on his cash for clunkers. Hes still keeping Karzai in lots of Green and Morsi wasn’t in to bad a shape with Obama green until he decided to make himself an appointed King. He just ran a muck with his freedom loving countrymen when he tried pulling some Obama stunts, you know like making laws on his own. At least the Egyptians had the balls to throw Morsi’s ass in jail where he belonged. But not us, we let Obama get away anything he wants. His next apology should be said at Arlington National Cemetery from the outside so he doesn’t stain the ground. I thank God every time he snubs Gettysburg. He’s the last person I want to see on that hallowed ground.

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