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Obamacare’s Strays

The stories from Gop.gov/yourstory continue to roll in at an alarming rate. As we have all seen, millions of Americans continue to receive notices informing them that their current insurance plans will no longer be offered under Obamacare. The House Republican Conference has compiled a short video, embargoed until 9:00 a.m. EST,  highlighting some of these Americans.  Please take a minute to watch and share with your readers.

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  1. With the seemingly endless deluge of ‘horror’ stories, allow me to inject what would be even more insight (& possibly a crooked smile)….A neighbor (73 yr) whose income is SSI & SS. He has medicaid/Medicare. He doesn’t qualify for other benefits. Still he pays nothing for medical treatments and medications are about $1.00 a month. He has received 5 star treatment throughout. He received a letter from his government assigned provider saying his current coverage was ‘substandard’ and he should go to the healthcare website & shop for another…..Unless I’m missing something (& could be) I think I’d trade my insurance in for his any day.