Obama Lectures Media On “Dishonest” Reporting

By | November 19, 2013

This is from Obama’s Press Conference of November 15. Folks, he’s not happy that the “good news” is not being reported… because- “it should be!” All those Medicaid signups are a good thing! Those people are Americans too!

H/T Western Journalism

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One thought on “Obama Lectures Media On “Dishonest” Reporting

  1. Jan Brown

    There are just 24 little hours in a day. Pleas, please, can’t he give us just one day without seeing his face & hearing his mouth?? please, mu ears hurt!!!

    Actually do believe the media IS reporting the ‘good’ news…..They are reporting that the “would be king’s subjects are waking up and learning that just because you call it something else, a rose is still a rose. And spray all perfume you want..caca is caca

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