Missouri Police tase father as son died in house fire

By | November 6, 2013

Louisiana, Missouri: Welcome to the new Police State.

Cops tased this father THREE TIMES as he attempted to save his son from the fire.

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3 thoughts on “Missouri Police tase father as son died in house fire

  1. Jan Brown

    Horrible, horrible tragic ! I can only begin to imagine what the father felt….after all, he is a protector of his family & it’s his ‘job’ to take care of them…..On the other hand…police are taught to ‘evaluate’ situations in an instant. While their action may have well been over the top, consider that they felt it was sure death to anyone already inside AND anyone entering….they, too, are taught to save lives… & they saved the Father…Before judging, imagine the nightmares they’re left with at saving only one….also remember we only have ‘part’ of the story and I’m not certain it’s enough to form an honest opinion…

    1. John

      You obviously seem to formed an “opinion” already. How many “instances” did it take to taser him three times?

  2. SafeTea

    What the HEII is going on with the police in this country?! Once upon a time they were the reliable and protective portion of their communities. Now they’re becoming mindless, ruthless extensions of a mindless, ruthless government.

    Cops need to return to the foundation of their purpose, which is to SERVE their community, not BULLY it.

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