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JFK Ideologically More Tea Party Patriot than Democrat

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  1. Strange, isn’t it, that those wanting to be so closely identified as ‘one who resembles’ JFK are totally void of his character and ideas ?

    I had the treasured opportunity to be in Frankfrut fm., Germany when JFK made his famous “Ich bein eine Berliner”. My husband directed the mass bands of Europe when he visited Frankfrut where the people camped all night in the very cold, along the parade route, warming themselves over sterno stoves just to get a glimpse of him. When he was shot, the Germans would walk up, crying to us, even hugging us at times….

    We are without doubt, is dire need of leadership…and a JFK would be ideal. “Ideal” isn’t available and one cannot cling to candidates that are so obscure that they are only known to their Mama & absolutely no shot at getting elected. Remember, A somewhat ‘moderate’ is far closer to a conservative than what we now have….

    Camelot is a fairy tale where dreams come true….this is not Camelot.

    “Ask not what you can do for yourself, but ask
    What you can do for your Country”

    Let us celebrate his life, not his death.