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2 thoughts on “Are You A Republicrat?

  1. Jan Brown

    How very refreshing to meet an AMERICAN !!! We, as a nation, seem to ‘need’ a label not realizing that labels are restrictive & impose limitations. And, quite frankly, can create the mob-mentality that lacks positive direction & often reason. We all know that when one sheep goes off a cliff, the rest blindly follow. Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian are self imposed divisions. Would it not be more prosperous for the masses to take the best from each & discard the rest and call ourselves AMERICANS?

    In 2014, ask each candidate or potential one, Just what does their idea of service mean. Does it mean only ‘self-service”? We have been blessed with yet another chance…let’s not blow it!!! If we want to live in His Grace, we must act like it…& put ego in a box.
    In Prayer for Our Nation

  2. Not Represented

    Of the many articles I have read, this one strikes home with me. I consider myself and independent. I am not a Democrat, nor a Republican. I abhor the president and his administrations agenda of destroying my country. I served my country and took an oath to “defend our country and the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Mr. Obama, his entire staff and administration, the liberal/progressive movement are the ENEMY. Why won’t anyone of the “hired help” in Congress stand up and tell this one tiny individual, NO.

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