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One thought on “YAWN: A Government Shut Down

  1. Jerry T

    Chris this is all deliberate, just one big charade. When the US defaults and runs out of money the shit hits the fan. The dollar will be replaced for all international transactions and our fragile economy tanks. At least this is the picture he is hoping for.

    If our dollars worth is based upon our productivity as a nation [GDP]then why would you strangle our economy with countless regulations and saturate our markets with foreign products and rampant illegal immigration. You kill employment and small business, destroy our manufacturing side with corporate taxes. We have been in the tubes for five and a half years plus two under Bush with a democratic House and Senate. Obama takes a firm stand now. Why? Simple, this will allow the perfect financial storm to happen. If he allows it through his deliberate inaction’s he should be impeached and others should be arrested because it is nothing short of treason.

    We don’t even know what goes on behind the scenes with these sneaky bastards. I am always the optimist. I very much believe in our strength as a people but, our media is so complicit in this given the fact that they are manipulating the truth and allowing all of the pieces to fall into place. This is abnormal because it makes zero sense which makes it all dangerously irrational. No one is this stupid unless you have an agenda.

    We are without true patriotic leadership for a reason. That reason is that our President wants to destroy America for his handlers. We still hold the Trump Card as I see it because we are still The Market. Not China, their strength is in us. Their heart beats in our chest and if we collapse so do they along with much of the emerging world. The teleprompter says it all as I see it, especially when you need to set it up to talk to a third grader.

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