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6 thoughts on “What All Big Gov’t Types Have In Common

  1. Jan Brown

    “It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the danger of good intentions. There are men of all ages who meant to govern well but they do intend to govern. They promise to be good master, but (they mean to be masters)” said Daniel Webster..

    1. Mark Ross Post author

      I have always loved that Webster quote, Jan. But, at the same time, it also seems like a bit of an oxymoron to say that, the very document that created The Federal Government was also meant to protect us from The Federal Government.

      I wrote about that very topic, back in August, in this post: Was The Constitution Written To Restrain The Federal Government?

      If Webster was more specific, and stated that The Federal Government was given Limited, and Defined Powers, “to guard the people against the danger of good intentions,” then, I would agree wholeheartedly. Likewise, if he were to have said, The Bill of Rights were included, “to guard the people against the danger of good intentions.”

      1. Jan Brown

        Hmmm, I’m inclined to agree. Although this coming from Webster, I see it as perhaps a ‘warning’ or insight to man’s nature to wander from ‘service’ to the nation as opposed to ‘self-service. And that man often rationalizes bending the ‘rules’ wherever they are found.

        Frankly, today it’s difficult to feel ‘protected’ from any angle with so many just just ignoring it completely. IE a President that ‘changes’ a law as passed….

        Having lived abroad for a number of years, this is still the greatest Country in the world & we must keep fighting for it.

        Missed tour aAugust post, will archie it.

        1. Mark Ross Post author

          There is no doubt that, this Federal(?) Government has a total Constitution-be-dammed attitude, when it comes to being restrained by The Enumerated Powers given to them by our Founders, via the “consent” of [We, The People] the Governed.

          It is not only lawlessness for The President to, unilaterally, change laws passed by Congress, but, most laws, passed by Congress, have no Constitutional Foundation to begin with.

          We, desperately, need to hit the RESET button!

  2. L.E. Liesner

    To expand on Jefferson’s statement, just how many Presidents, Congressmen, and Senators have we elected that should not be trusted to govern their own lives but we trust them to govern ours? Politics has become a big business and it’s primary goal is fleecing the people they govern. When we do get a politician that believes in the Constitution, the other elected politicians and the MSM do their damnest to destroy him. Our government today is an upside down, backward organization of self serving corrupt fools. But, smart enough fools to fool a great majority of the people they are suppose to govern.

    1. Mark Ross Post author

      Every person, imho, should be trusted to Govern “their own lives,” L.E., unless, and until, they do something that brings actual harm to another person. Otherwise, I totally agree with you! Parties, as much as many want to deny it, are, also, a major problem. Even if one Party knows that the other Party is doing something wholly Constitutional, they will still try to destroy them, simply for Political reasons.

      Parties are about Power, not prudent governance.

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