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Veterans Storm Washington, DC! Met With Riot Gear And Tazers!

These are photos gathered from Social Media from the Million Veteran’s March on DC today. We have reached a very sad day in America when the gathering of those who fought for our freedoms are greeted by police in riot gear!

May God bless America, and may God bless all who have given so much for our freedom!

We will continue posting photos throughout the day.



Sad Time In Our Country When Riot Police Are Called Out On Our WWII Veterans. Via Conservative Lady

A Lady is tazed on the march

Image via America’s Misled Patriot @misledpatriot

Snipers on the roof of the white house stand ready to execute any American protestors at today’s veterans march.. Why weren’t they there for the massive Illegal Alien Rally last week??? Via AVOW (Another Voice of Warning)

Can You Hear Us Now??

Image via David Hill

Image via 2 Million Bikers To DC                                       The story behind this photo: taken this morning 10-13-13. Our biker friend who went to DC with the patriots from Delaware on 9-11-13 went back today, and took his flag with him.
When he got to the Delaware memorial, he thought it was odd that the flag poles were empty.
Says Rick Harvey: Myself and another couple were just about to call it a day when about forty members of Second Brigade rolled in…When they saw no flags flying from the Memorial’s flagpoles, they insisted on having me and my Flag in the pics which I was honored to do…GOD BLESS AMERICA! peace!!! — at Delaware Memorial Bridge WWII Monument in New Castle, DE. — at WWII Memorial at the foot of the Delaware Memorial Bridge in New Castle, DE.


Image via The United West

Photo: Police with riot gear RT @ConstWarrrior: #1MVetMarch Moving in

Police with riot gear RT @ConstWarrrior: #1MVetMarch Moving in via 2 Million Bikers To DC

Just witnessed police whack older women with night clubs. Young kids pushed and crying. Out of control. I was in the middle of it all. Equally sad and proud of what I saw today.

This sweet, very old lady was a veteran and was being interviewed. She was holding a closed/keep out sign. So sad how these veterans have been disrespected! via 100 Percent Fed Up

“Don’t MESS with our Military and our Veterans ever again.”
Patriots at the Million Vets Carry Barricades from the Lincoln Memorial to the White House: The US government has been shut down several times in the past.
What makes this shutdown different is that Barack Obama spent taxpayer dollars to erect barricades at national monuments to keep the American public out. Today patriots at the Million Vets March carried barricades from the Lincoln Memorial to set up at the White House.
Thousands of veterans marched in Washington DC today. via The Gateway Pundit


We can never thank our veterans enough. An honor to join them today at memorials honoring their service. via Senator Ted Cruz

Sarah and Todd Palin at National Monuments
Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin and husband Todd Palin visit the National Monuments on Sunday, October 13, 2013, in Washington, DC. Photo by Shealah Craighead
Copyright All Rights Reserved ©2013 Shealah Craighead Photography/SarahPAC via Sarah Palin

Obama must be scared- he’s leaving the White House!

Obama Leaving The White House In Marine One, Guess He Couldn’t Take The Heat Anymore!
What A Pu$$, LIKE And SHARE This!!! ~Ace @Nation In Distress via Nation in Distress

Gadsen Flag risen in Valley Forge National Park Today! Via The Big Plantation

Image via Breaking Obama
This Picture from DC Today sent to @Breaking_Obama courtesy of the @[384000361706204:274:Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment] Movement! PLEASE SHARE THIS!!! Thousands of veterans have stormed into Washington DC, TORN DOWN the Barrycades and are demanding the removal of Obama from the White House PLEASE SHARE THIS AND MAKE IT VIRAL!!! Please Share This www.facebook.com/BreakingObama Get your Membership now at www.BreakingObama.com

The Modern American Revolution Breaking: Disabled War Veteran Carries Barricade Back To White House ON HIS WHEELCHAIR! – THIS IS A REAL MAN!

Image via Reclaim America

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Image via Twitchy

A great link with many pictures from today.

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  1. I am still Proud to be an American!

    Thank you AGAIN American Veterens!


  2. WONDERFUL !!!! WONDERFUL ! Thank you so very much for sharing these picture of REAL Americans uniting & standing up for all of us. Storms knocked out satillite (not that even FOX covered it)& I don’t do any social media pages so this was really great for us.

    I bet the crowd also had a few Democrats as well as those nasty Republicans.. These Americans aren’t hot shot CEO’s or particulary influencial, or wealthy….they are most of us…Makes this old gal proud