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Truckers Offer Free Rides To DC To Veterans For October 13 March



The Truckers of America and Veterans who have fought for our freedoms have had enough! They are teaming up and preparing to stand up to this tyrannical Government and Take Back Our Country!

Their Official Website: RideForTheConstitution.org

From The

Million Vet March on the Memorials

Facebook Page:

Attention Vets! Need a ride to the Million Vet March for the Memorials on October 13th?

Post your location on the Truckers Ride For The Constitution – they are helping to get vets to the march! Tell ’em we sent ya! And of course, please travel safely!



Another Facebook Post:

Truckers are offering rides for vets to make it to our event. 

Post on their wall here:

We’ll see if we can’t get you connected up so you can make it. Thanks for your service and support!

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  1. Why don’t they have an email site other than just facebook. Many of the older people who would and can donate money to help pay for gas are not going to sign up for facebook. Missing out on a lot of money here people.
    God bless

  2. Why is it that we can go to war to fight for other countries Freedom
    But we don’t fight for our own countries Freedom???

  3. Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Are there a million motel rooms in DC?

  4. Veterans going to D.C. must remember the First time it happened and it’s contrast to what we represent today.