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This Week’s Crisis: Obama Wins, Nation Loses

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  1. Jon, appreciate your input & especially enjoyed the ‘bipolar drunk woman’ reference as it sure can be applied to most of these officials we elected.

    It’s only right that I offer the fact that I worked on Cruz’s campaign & know both him and wife. Also, while there is no Tea Party group locally, I have been affiliated with the National Tea Party Patriots.

    Cruz is new in the Senate, but has been in DC with the Bush Administration. As the son of a minister, he is quite conservative in his views..most importantly, he finds speaking up & defending what he believes is right….& quite effective at it. Prior to his backing from the Tea Party, he was vetted & investigated like the other candidates & apparently came closest to the Conservative we need in Washington….His closest opponent was David Dewhurst, the current Lt Governor who had name recognition & wealth…some came from questionable sources.

    The Tea Party organizations are from moderately conservatives to extremes such as Ron Paul. It appears that most are educated in their Constitution.
    The Libertarian influence is (to me) is perhaps the heavily of them. There are even some ‘former democrats’ that are becoming most vocal & make up the majority of the moderately conservative. The balance is growing even more representative of the ‘average American…..Running for office takes ALOT of money & backing…..and for this reason candidates gravitate to it……..Not unlike the Union power on the left.

    Actually among voters, Ted’s ratings are even to up. He was sent to DC to rattle the cages of the one settled in comfy personal zones that feel their power allows them to pursue self service as opposed as service to the people.

    Thanks again for this exchange.

  2. MMPI …..hmmm and all of this time I thought it was just an inflated ego with strong Machiavellian influences…I agree that Obama came out ahead, but not so sure the Nation was a total loser. There is of course, the sequester cuts, but perhaps more important is that emotionally many were outraged & paying attention that previously hadn’t or undecided. I don’t thin anyone thought that Obamacare would be defunded, but the continual piecemeal backing away & willingness to accept less each time did show GOP was ‘trying’ to meet half way. Was it the best way? Probably not. still I think it was less harmful to Republicans than indicated and this is an issue that all parties share sentiments. Just maybe B.O. was only winner….after all..I understand that Mitch got Kentucky a new multi-million dollar bridge

    • Most estimates show the shutdown cost taxpayers between $12-24 billion dollars and it was flushed down the toilet for no good reason. Republicans and the Tea Party have lost ALL credibility when they complain about wasteful government spending.

      • Jon, like you, I have access to the figures reflecting the economical impact to the Nation. However, that was not the point of my comment & there was no need to include it. As an American I share the frustration & anger as well as the embarrassment this unnecessary action as caused. I simply share a rare positive aspect in hope it will offer some solace to others as we strive for better times. I regret you are unable to grasp it.

        This Country has 2 & only two political recognized parties…The “Tea Party” is NOT one of them. It is a large diverse group of ‘We the People” that uses it’s influence to elect the individuals that shares the values of our foundation. The continued need to ‘label’ only serves to increase division within the Republican Party when it’s most needed.

        Jon, one question: Who, in your mind, does have credibility?

        • Hi Jan, thanks for your comment.

          I admit, I have a hard time finding a positive to the shutdown, and the things that became symbols on the right–such as the closing of memorials–seemed to highlight the fact that Republican (I guess I’ll call them that) lawmakers don’t seem to realize they are playing around with live ammunition, and that actions (or inactions) have consequences. The sequester cuts you had mentioned had been agreed to months before the shutdown. There was no need for this.

          As to your comment about the Tea Party being a large group…okay, I’ll buy that. However, you have to admit that the majority of Congressmen who were driving the lunacy self-identified as Tea Party affiliated, and have jobs because they primaried an establishment Republican. Surely I’m not out of line by suggesting that Ted Cruz is a standard bearer of the Tea Party? He has lost his credibility. Congressmen like Marlin Stutzman who opened their mouths and revealed their ineptitude have also dinged the credibility of the Tea Party as well.

          I’m not a starry-eyed naive fool, but in this situation, I think the Democrats retained their credibility. They agreed to the sequester cuts for the CR, and were betrayed by Republicans who decided they wanted to make the United States look like a bipolar drunk woman at a bar who needs to have a friend bring her home. The Democrats stood firm and said they weren’t having it. At the very least, they did not lose credibility here. In the end, the drunk bipolar friend vomited all over the interior of her friend’s very nice car, giving us a cleaning bill of $24 billion dollars.