The Spenders in Washington are the “Terrorists,” Not the Conservatives!

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  • “Honey, tonite we’re going to ‘paint the town red. We’ll see a Broadway show, lobster dinner at Sardi’s. We’ll party till dawn!”….”But, dear, if we do all that we don’t have money to pay the electric bill or make our car payment. Shouldn’t we stay in & rent a movie instead?”…….”WHY? We ‘ll make it up later, besides if we pay the interest, we won’t really default.”

    And so it goes in Washington….Just think, these party people were elected (again & again) by “We the People” with a full supply of ‘common sense’. !!!

    Most of us replace leaky faucets & burned out bulbs in our homes. When economist & the CBO & GAO sound the alarm we’d best consider replacing the broken, non-functioning representation whose shelf-life has expired & is tainted.