The Real Obama-Reid Shutdown

By | October 9, 2013

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One thought on “The Real Obama-Reid Shutdown

  1. Derrell Poole

    Psssst Jim….

    (The Grade Canyon is in Arizona)

    I am in a continual state of outrage over this fraud. It is gettig so chronic that I actually don’t feel anything anymore – it just elevates my grumpiness and my ambiant level of anger.

    I want to point out that out of all of the “players” in this tragic comedy Boehner and the Republican House members holding the line for us (THANK YOU COINGRESSMEN AND WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) are the only ones upholding the Constitution!

    The PP&ACA Law is illegal! The Supreme court used the Neo Commerce Clause (not the original one in Article I, Section 8) to pass this assault on the American people and the illegal 16 Amendment! May James Madison terrorize their every remaining night with his vengeful spector!

    AND… (with Conservatives it is usually an “and”)

    The Law has been rewritten by Obama after Congress passed it so it is NOT a law passed by Congress and THREFORE funding it is an illegal act – perhaps even Treason!!

    It is no longer a law at all but an eddict from a Tyrant!!!

    Wake up America. Wake up, Wake up, Wake up!!!

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