The Fomentation of a Government Shut Down

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  • Frank! This is delicious stuff! I am inspired!

    If we had a Constitutional Government Obama would not have been elected because he can’t PROVE his eligibility.

    If we had Constitutional Government the Chief Justices would have struck the Bill down. The Commerce Clause would be the simple regulation of transfer of goods from one State to the next, Taxes would be apportioned and this bill would not have qualified!

    We wouldn’t have illegal National Police Forces, Spying Apparatuses like the NSA and vast quantities of 4A violating information on all of us in the hands of BIG Fed.

    We wouldn’t have school shootings because Schools would be properly armed…

    And we wouldn’t be giving away our Sovereignty thru Treaties that to this Day have NOT been ratified…

    Indeed the list is endless. “Oh-o, say, can you see… where have all the Freedoms gone – Proggies take them one by one…”