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Obama is determined to pass Immigration Reform this year

Remarks by the President on Immigration Reform on October 24, 2013
Released by The White House


From The East Room

10:47 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  Please have a seat, everybody.  Good morning, and welcome to the White House.  Today I’m here with leaders from business, from labor, from faith communities who are united around one goal — finishing the job of fixing a broken immigration system.

This is not just an idea whose time has come; this is an idea whose time has been around for years now.  Leaders like all of you have worked together with Republicans and Democrats in this town in good faith for years to try to get this done.  And this is the moment when we should be able to finally get the job done.

Now, it’s no secret that the American people haven’t seen much out of Washington that they like these days.  The shutdown and the threat of the first default in more than 200 years inflicted real pain on our businesses and on families across the country.  And it was a completely unnecessary, self-inflicted wound with real costs to real people, and it can never happen again.

Even with the shutdown over, and the threat of default eliminated, Democrats and Republicans still have some really big disagreements — there are some just fundamentally different views about how we should move forward on certain issues.  On the other hand, as I said the day after the shutdown ended, that’s no reason that we shouldn’t be able to work together on the things that we do agree on.

We should be able to work together on a responsible budget that invests in the things that we need to grow our economy and create jobs even while we maintain fiscal discipline.  We should be able to pass a farm bill that helps rural communities grow and protects vulnerable Americans in hard times.

And we should pass immigration reform.  (Applause.)  We should pass immigration reform.  It’s good for our economy.  It’s good for our national security.  It’s good for our people.  And we should do it this year.

Everybody knows that our current immigration system is broken.  Across the political spectrum, people understand that.  We’ve known it for years.  It’s not smart to invite some of the brightest minds from around the world to study here and then not let them start businesses here — we send them back to their home countries to start businesses and create jobs and invent new products someplace else.

It’s not fair to businesses and middle-class families who play by the rules when we allow companies that are trying to undercut the rules work in the shadow economy, to hire folks at lower wages or no benefits, no overtime, so that somehow they get a competitive edge from breaking the rules.  That doesn’t make sense.

It doesn’t make sense to have 11 million people who are in this country illegally without any incentive or any way for them to come out of the shadows, get right with the law, meet their responsibilities and permit their families then to move ahead.  It’s not smart.  It’s not fair.  It doesn’t make sense.  We have kicked this particular can down the road for too long.

Now, the good news is, this year the Senate has already passed an immigration reform bill by a wide, bipartisan majority that addressed all of these issues.  It’s a bill that would continue to strengthen our borders.  It would level the playing field by holding unscrupulous employers accountable if they knowingly hire undocumented workers.

It would modernize our legal immigration system, so that even as we train American workers for the jobs of the future, we’re also attracting highly-skilled entrepreneurs from beyond our borders to join with us to create jobs here in the United States.

It would make sure that everybody plays by the same rules by providing a pathway to earned citizenship for those who are here illegally — one that includes passing a background check, learning English, paying taxes, paying a penalty, getting in line behind everyone who is trying to come here the right way.

So it had all the component parts.  It didn’t have everything that I wanted; it didn’t have everything that anybody wanted; but it addressed the core challenges of how we create a immigration system that is fair, that’s just, that is true to our traditions as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.  And that’s passed the Senate by a bipartisan majority.  (Applause.)

So here’s what we also know — that the bill would grow the economy and shrink our deficits.  Independent economists have shown that if the Senate bill became law, over the next two decades our economy would grow by $1.4 trillion more than it would if we don’t pass the law.  It would reduce our deficits by nearly a trillion dollars.

So this isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do.  Securing our borders; modernizing our legal immigration system; providing a pathway to earned, legalized citizenship; growing our economy; strengthening our middle class; reducing our deficits — that’s what common-sense immigration reform will do.

Now, obviously, just because something is smart and fair, and good for the economy and fiscally responsible and supported by business and labor — (laughter) — and the evangelical community and many Democrats and many Republicans, that does not mean that it will actually get done.  (Laughter.)  This is Washington, after all.

So everything tends to be viewed through a political prism and everybody has been looking at the politics of this.  And I know that there are some folks in this town who are primed to think, “Well, if Obama is for it, then I’m against it.”  But I’d remind everybody that my Republican predecessor was also for it when he proposed reforms like this almost a decade ago, and I joined with 23 Senate Republicans back then to support that reform.  I’d remind you that this reform won more than a dozen Republican votes in the Senate in June.

I’m not running for office again.  I just believe this is the right thing to do.  (Applause.)  I just believe this is the right thing to do.  And I also believe that good policy is good politics in this instance.  And if folks are really that consumed with the politics of fixing our broken immigration system, they should take a closer look at the polls because the American people support this.  It’s not something they reject — they support it.  Everybody wins here if we work together to get this done.  In fact, if there’s a good reason not to pass this common-sense reform, I haven’t heard it.

So anyone still standing in the way of this bipartisan reform should at least have to explain why.  A clear majority of the American people think it’s the right thing to do.

Now, how do we move forward?  Democratic leaders have introduced a bill in the House that is similar to the bipartisan Senate bill.  So now it’s up to Republicans in the House to decide whether reform becomes a reality or not.

I do know — and this is good news — that many of them agree that we need to fix our broken immigration system across these areas that we’ve just discussed.  And what I’ve said to them, and I’ll repeat today, is if House Republicans have new and different, additional ideas for how we should move forward, then we want to hear them.  I’ll be listening.  I know that Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, those who voted for immigration reform already, are eager to hear those additional ideas.  But what we can’t do is just sweep the problem under the rug one more time, leave it for somebody else to solve sometime in the future.

Rather than create problems, let’s prove to the American people that Washington can actually solve some problems.  This reform comes as close to anything we’ve got to a law that will benefit everybody now and far into the future.  So let’s see if we can get this done.  And let’s see if we can get it done this year.  (Applause.)

We’ve got the time to do it.  Republicans in the House, including the Speaker, have said we should act.  So let’s not wait.  It doesn’t get easier to just put it off.  Let’s do it now.  Let’s not delay.  Let’s get this done, and let’s do it in a bipartisan fashion.

To those of you who are here today, I want to just say one last thing and that is — thank you.  I want to thank you for your persistence.  I want to thank you for your activism.  I want to thank you for your passion and your heart when it comes to this issue.  And I want to tell you, you’ve got to keep it up.  Keep putting the pressure on all of us to get this done.  There are going to be moments — and there are always moments like this in big efforts at reform — where you meet resistance, and the press will declare something dead, it’s not going to happen, but that can be overcome.

And I have to say, Joe, as I look out at this room, these don’t look like people who are easily deterred.  (Laughter.)

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  I don’t think so.

THE PRESIDENT:  They don’t look like folks who are going to give up.  (Applause.)  You look fired up to make the next push.  And whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat or an independent, I want you to keep working, and I’m going to be right next to you, to make sure we get immigration reform done.  It is time.  Let’s go get it done.

Thank you very much, everybody.  (Applause.)

10:59 A.M. EDT

Ex-Clinton WH Aide: Hillary’s Lessons From 2008 Put Her In The Driver’s Seat

Bob Weiner

Bob Weiner

Nakia Gladden

Nakia Gladden

WASHINGTON, Oct. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Hillary Clinton is in the driver’s seat for the 2016 Presidential race and in position to make history as America’s first woman president if she learns the lessons and corrects the mistakes of her 2008 run, including her Iraq War vote explanation and her failure to capitalize in caucuses on primary victories in those states, assert ex-Clinton White House aide Robert Weiner and policy analyst Nakia Gladden in a Michigan Chronicle article just out.  The Michigan Chronicle has been named the top African-American newspaper in America six times in the last twelve years by the National Newspaper Association.

Weiner, a Democratic and national issues strategist who was the spokesman for three congressional committee chairmen before joining the White House staff, along with co-author Gladden, say: “With the cognoscenti of both parties and the media ever more certain Hillary Clinton – who won the 2008 Michigan primary — will run in 2016, and Clinton herself taking steps to allow the choice, she needs to look back and learn some lessons from her failed 2008 campaign before her adrenalin rushes her forward.  Even Bill Clinton said recently, ‘You must learn the lessons of your mistakes … without becoming a general who fights the last war.'”

Weiner and Gladden write: “Most significantly, she was reluctant to acknowledge that her vote to authorize the Iraq War in 2001 was against the national grain that evolved.  She did not backtrack until September 18, 2006, when she said to Meredith Vieiraon the Today Show, ‘If we knew then what we know now… I certainly wouldn’t have voted that way.’  It’s a point her close friendJames Carville had been saying for a year she should make.   On September 23, 2007, Tim Russert again dragged out of her on Meet the Press, ‘If I had known then what I know now…, I would not have voted the way that I did.’ Chris Matthews asserted that Russert ‘finally reeled the big marlin into the boat,’ not realizing she said it a year earlier. Both statements were too little too late. Gen. Wes Clark, one of her staunch supporters, told us that Hillary’s decision not to criticize the initial war action was a ‘general election decision.’  However, she never got to the general. Obama filled the anti-war vacuum.”

Weiner and Gladden continue: “Clinton recently narrowly avoided making a similar mistake on Syria which could have affected a 2016 run. President Obama planned missile attacks in Syria even though popular support was 3-1 against it.  At the last minute, just as the President was preparing an Oval office speech to announce the launch, a diplomatic solution materialized.  New Secretary of State Kerry made an off-the-cuff response to a reporter which became a Putin-Obama lifeline: ‘[Assad] could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week.’  It also saved Hillary.  She had just met with Obama and was ready to support his launch.  Even Bill O’Reilly concedes that diplomacy is ‘now working.'”

Weiner and Gladden warn: “She will face repeated questions about Benghazi.  Democrats say it’s a ‘phony scandal,’ typical mid-level multi-agency bureaucrats harmonizing a talking points memo, combined with Congress denying State’s funding request for increased embassy security worldwide.  Indeed, just this September 29, the House finally passed a bill ‘fully funding the Administration’s request for embassy security,’ trumpeted in a press release by Foreign Affairs Chairman Ed Royce(R-CA). Republicans know that funding denial was a legitimate counterpunch by Democrats.  Unanswered is why the Ambassador went to the unprotected outpost, but Hillary’s involvement was unlikely. As Obama’s heir, she will also be blamed for IRS disproportionately targeting conservative groups even though liberal groups were also peppered with questions.”

Weiner and Gladden recognize, “Bill is brilliant as ‘Secretary of Explaining,’ as President Obama called him, but he also speaks off the cuff.  Recently, Bill condemned Democrats for whining about ‘gridlock’ even though polling shows a majority blame it on Republican congressional obstructionism.  President Clinton will definitely be enormously helpful, but Hillary will sometimes have to keep the Big Dog on a leash.”

Weiner and Gladden assert, “The Ready for Hillary PAC is not just any ‘draft’ group.  Big names are signing onto their fundraising letters and working as advisors including Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, Bill Clinton strategists James Carville and Harold Ickes, and Obama veterans. According to Communication Director Seth Bringman, the PAC now has impressive numbers: over 1,000,000 Facebook supporters, 10,000 donors, and 100,000 people with Ready for Hillary bumper stickers.  The staff’s enthusiasm is apparent.”

Weiner and Gladden add, “Her speaking tour is consolidating constituencies. She has recently supported gay marriage, a woman for President, and women’s health and birth control choice.  She forcefully opposed voter suppression of minorities and the recent government shutdown.  She just endorsed Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Governor, and she’s been lunching with President Obama and breakfasting with Vice President Biden. Congressional Black Caucus Dean John Conyers (D-Detroit) told us, ‘Opponents would hate to be against her for the nomination.’ Then he surveyed his staff who unanimously agreed, ‘It’s hers to lose.'”

Weiner and Gladden note, “Her resume, starting with Texas voter registration organizer, then US Congress committee staff, First Lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State, is unsurpassed.  Her 1995 ‘Women’s rights are human rights’ speech in Beijingas First Lady remains a standard for courage. Most recently at State, she helped topple Qaddafi, established elections inBurma including opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, emphasized women’s rights throughout the world including standing up with and for rape victims, and imposed harsh sanctions on Iran – let alone being part of the Got-bin Laden Team.”

Weiner and Gladden suggest, “With Rasmussen showing her 63-12-4 over Vice President Biden and New York Governor Cuomo, Quinnipiac at 65-13-7, NBC at 60 to 11 over Biden and 7 for Elizabeth Warren, and a lead over Republicans Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz by at least eight points, it’s no wonder why Republicans are concerned about her as Democrats consolidate.”

The authors predict that “she will re-incorporate McAuliffe (former DNC Chair) and personal confidante Huma Abadin, widely respected inside Washington, back into her brain trust.  She will correct organizational errors of 2008 — including losing the delegates in the major Texas caucus after she won its primary, and trying to change the rules for counting her victoriousMichigan and Florida primaries after she won them when the states had violated the Party’s calendar.”

They point out that “the eternity between now and 2016 can change the field.  Past ‘inevitable’ candidacies disintegrated fromMario Cuomo and Howard Dean to Rick Perry and Ted Kennedy.  Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton came from nowhere a year in front to win.”

Weiner and Gladden conclude, “Right now, Clinton is in the driver’s seat – and if she wins, she will be a superbly competent and historic first woman American President.”

Robert Weiner, is a former Clinton White House spokesman, communications director for the House Government Operations Committee, senior staff for Congressmen John Conyers, Claude Pepper, Ed Koch, Charles Rangel, and Sen. Ted Kennedy, and wrote the epilogue for Michigan Chronicle Senior Editor Bankole Thompson’s groundbreaking book, “Obama and Christian Loyalty.”  Nakia Gladden is policy analyst at Robert Weiner Associates.

Published in the Michigan Chronicle Today

Black Tea Party Group Demands Apology from Alan Grayson

Image via Frugal Cafe

Image via Frugal Cafe

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Conservative and independent-minded Black Americans are demanding a public apology from Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) for his remarks equating the Tea Party to the Ku-Klux-Klan. Grayson made the remarks on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation” with host Al Sharpton and escalated the attack by issuing a letter to his constituents depicting an image of a burning cross in place of the letter “T” for Tea Party. The image also had the following caption: “Now You Know What the ‘T’ Stands For.” Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of BOND Action and the South Central L.A. Tea Party, blasted the liberal Democrat. The following is his statement on this issue:

      “Rep. Alan Grayson has managed to insult both the Tea Party and sensible Black Americans with his outrageous and callous remarks. I grew up on a plantation near Montgomery, Alabama during Jim Crow and witnessed real racism. Klansmen murdered my great-grandfather. For Alan Grayson to cavalierly compare law-abiding Tea Party people to a violent and racist organization like the Ku-Klux-Klan is offensive and minimizes the suffering of Black Americans.
      “Alan Grayson is playing on the worst fears of Blacks in an attempt to continue the brainwashing tactics of the Democratic Party. He knows that for more than 160 years it has been the Democrats who have used the Ku-Klux-Klan, Jim Crow, and failing liberal policies to keep many blacks on the liberal Democrat’s plantation.
      “Grayson’s latest actions show a lack of self-control and a complete disregard for the facts. I am seriously concerned about his sanity. It’s disturbing to know that this man is entrusted with our nation’s national security secrets. The South Central L.A. Tea Party is demanding that Congressman Grayson apologizes to black Americans and the Tea Party for his outrageous lies.”

Why Is The Left So Afraid Of Ted Cruz

You can always tell when the left is concerned about a person or a policy, they start demonizing the policy or person. Just as they went full force against the Tea Party, they are releasing their heavy hitters on Senator Ted Cruz.

The left will do anything to make Obama look good and spare him of being blamed for anything, even if he is responsible. Now the left is blaming the poor jobs numbers on Ted Cruz, they have taken it upon themselves to call them Cruz Numbers, as if it is his fault the economy is a wreck, God forbid Obama should be blamed for anything that goes wrong.

Glenn Beck said recently on his radio show, They are now calling the jobs numbers ‘Cruz numbers.’ They are blaming now a lackluster number in job creation on Ted Cruz. Can we just think about the lack of personal responsibility here? This president has never taken responsibility for anything a day in his life,” Glenn said exasperatedly. “And so now they are blaming the job numbers on Ted Cruz. Why are they so afraid of Ted Cruz? You don’t spend your time, your treasure to take apart somebody that isn’t making an impact.” They are terrified of Ted Cruz, terrified, because every Saul Alinsky tactic is coming out, every single one.”

Recently on the Chris Matthews show, the Liberal we love to hate, he seemed to sum it up for us why the left is so afraid of Ted Cruz. Matthews said, “You are witnessing the biggest threat to modern progressivism, and liberals, and reasonable conservatives.” There you are in his own words, the left fears Ted Cruz because he is a threat to progressivism and liberalism. As far as reasonable Conservatives, I really don’t know what he meant by that, there is no way if you are a Conservative, that you are going to agree with Chris Matthews and disagree with Ted Cruz.

There is no doubt that Ted Cruz is a fighter and truly believes in the Constitution, we, without a doubt need more like him. It seems that the Republicans who were blamed for the Government shutdown might start to look like heroes when Obama is forced to postpone his Obama-Care mandate because of the catastrophe of the roll out of Obama-Care.

I hope the Republicans take full advantage of the situation. With Democrats abandoning the President and joining the Republicans with pushing for a postponement in the mandate, America will start asking, why Obama did not just agree to it in the first place and prevent the Government shutdown.

If the Republicans play their cards right, the blame will shift where it should have been in the first place, on the President and the Democrats, I would love to see Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi take the fall.

Maybe Ted Cruz will put a little spine back in the Republican Party, he is a man who fights on principle. Only time will tell if he changes Washington, or Washington changes him.

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This is one man’s opinion.

Stop calling me a Conservative!



If you are a Tea Partier like me, you probably think of yourself as a conservative, but you’re not. Even though you believe in the constitution, the rule of law, private property, and America’s foundational English-speaking Western-Christian culture, you are not a conservative. And if you believe in the United States as a singular nation based on these principles, you are not a conservative either. In fact, you are neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

You are an American nationalist who wants fundamental reform from a federal government dominated by parties that reject these ideas in favor of others, mainly progressivism and multiculturalism. You’ve recognized that the federal government and it’s institutions of power—so-called big government—no longer resemble or abide by the constitution, in spirit or practice.

A few simple comparisons expose this basic reality: 100 years ago (1912) government spending comprised 2% of GDP; today it makes up 26%; in 1912, 97% of government spending was controlled and authorized directly by Congress; the number today is 33%. So much for a government shutdown that put at risk barely one third of federal spending—the rest is automatic, uncontrolled, and outside the reigns of constitutional dominion.

Big government fails other critical tests as well. The federal government no longer upholds the rule of law: it tolerates illegal immigration, doesn’t protect our borders, bails-out corrupt bankers, fights wars and launches strikes without the approval or consent of the American people. It does not protect private property: it redistributes by taxing the producers and transfers wealth to the corrupt and the underachievers; what little is left over goes to the needy, so we hope.

America was once an English speaking country, but no more.  Federal programs offer special services in other languages like Spanish and Arabic. “Please push 1 for English and 2 for ….” is how it goes. We have radio and TV stations in other languages, even street signs in parts of major cities are in foreign languages. Only selected States have enacted English-only laws, this despite an overwhelming majority of Americans who support them.

The United States is a country that celebrates freedom of religion, as long as that religion is not Christianity. Federal regulations require references to Christmas or Christianity removed or diminished while other religions are accommodated everywhere, like Muslim prayer rooms in airports. Thanks to the federal government, Christianity, still by far the most common religion practiced by Americans past and present, is largely banned from the public square.

Conservatism means little in this contemporary setting.  As a Member of Parliament in Britain’s House of Commons, Burke championed an early brand of conservatism. Burke accepted change as long as it did not undermine or destroy the basic pillars of British society. Unlike other ideas about government like socialism, fascism, or modern day progressivism, Burke’s mantra to “conserve and correct” was based more on prudence and rationality than ideology. Until now, Burke’s approach defined Americans on the Right for most of our history.

If the word “conservative” still had meaning, we would support Burke’s approach. We can no longer employ these tactics because the Left has created a new political, social and economic order that is utterly anti-American, unconstitutional and designed to transform this country into the Third World, a place where 400 years of Western Christian Civilization are erased. And that is why there is significant daylight between the Tea Party and the Washington elite who control both political parties.

So, what are we if not conservatives?

The Tea Party is reformist, and yes, nationalist. It is time we confront the truth that America’s national identity, its purpose and prosperity are being systematically destroyed by people on the far Left and their accomplices on the faux right, people like Lindsey Graham and John McCain who embrace big government because it profits them to do so, their country be damned.

So stop calling me a conservative and, by the way, don’t call me a Republican either.

Cameron Macgregor is a former naval officer. He is currently a graduate student at George Mason University.

Obamacare: Enter the Finger Pointing

obamacare_logo_1It may not be a surprise that Republicans, and some Democrats, are now calling for the resignation or termination of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, given the absolute calamity that is the launch. But is the call for her head really fair? Probably not.

It is probably fair to say that no unelected bureaucrat, regardless of party or experience, could possibly keep HHS running smoothly. Forget that half a billion dollars were thrown at building a website – quite possibly the most expensive website launch in the history of the internet – over three years, the idea of a federal bureaucracy delivering a consumer ready product over any amount of time and expense is laughable.

Over the years much has been made of the headaches and hassles involved at the DMV. The DMV is such an easy target it has become a joke frequented by mediocre comedians. And yet, after decades and untold expense, the DMV lines are just as long or longer, and the service is just as bad.

Put frankly, Sebelius was given a task no government bureaucrat could have accomplished. In fact, many don’t realize HHS has the greatest cut of the budgetary pie, consisting of $941 billion, or roughly 25% of the total federal budget. Could anyone, anywhere, oversee the proper spending and allocation of such a huge amount of money? Could anyone possibly claim they not only could ensure the money was spent wisely, but that the services provided would be of the top quality?

If launching a website is too monumental a task for the all-powerful federal government, what will we get from the “Independent Payment Advisory Board” (IPAB)? This was the “death panel” Sarah Palin made so famous. IPAB submits “recommendations” to Congress which automatically take effect unless a supermajority can override them. Which is to say, 15 unelected directors will decide what services should be cut, suspended or done away with. Those decisions, by the way, are exempted from administrative or judicial review. isn’t a disaster because Secretary Sebelius is incompetent, though she very well may be, but because this is the inevitable results of big government. The members of Congress now demanding Sebelius’ head have found a handy scapegoat, but a disingenuous one. If the GOP has any sense left at all, they will hold up as a perfect example, a living example, of exactly why big government can never work. Fingers should be pointed for this debacle, but they should be pointed at the very people who brought us Obamacare: the Democrats in Congress and President Obama.

USA’s Top Public Political Donors Revealed

NEW YORK, Oct. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As the US Supreme Court considers whether to remove limits on individuals’ contributions to candidates, political parties and political action committees, Wealth-X today released a list of the top five public political donors leading up to the 2012 elections and since then.

From December 2011 to December 2012, conservative-leaning business mogul Sheldon Adelson, CEO of Las Vegas Sands, along with his wife Miriam, were the top public donors with US$96,417,000 in political contributions – equivalent to 0.42 percent of their estimated US$23 billion fortune.

Next on the list is multibillionaire Harold Simmons, chairman of the Contran corporation, along with his wife Annette, who donated US$32,603,800 to conservative candidates and causes, followed by media magnate Fred Eychaner, who gaveUS$13,207,000 to liberal campaigns – amounting to 0.43 percent and 2.75 percent of their total net worth, respectively.

Since the 2012 elections, political contributions have generally tapered off, but many ultra wealthy individuals continue to pour their money into politics.

The top public political donor from January 2013 to October 2013 was New York City mayor and business tycoon Michael Bloomberg. The political independent – who ranked fourth on the list of donors leading up to the 2012 elections – gaveUS$2,265,867 of his US$21 billion fortune to various candidates and causes in 2013.

Below are the top two public political donors in the year preceding the 2012 US elections and since then:

From 01-Dec-2011 To 01-Dec-2012
Name Amount
Estimated Net
Sheldon & Miriam Adelson $96,417,000 $23,200,000,000 Conservative
Harold & Annette Simmons $32,603,800 $7,500,000,000 Conservative
From 01-Jan-2013 To 10-Oct-2013
Michael Bloomberg $2,265,867 $21,400,000,000 Independent
Thomas Meyer & Kathryn
Taylor (wife)
$1,857,400 $1,300,000,000 Liberal

Conspicuously absent from the list are notable billionaire political donors such as brothers David and Charles Koch, the politically-conservative owners of oil, gas, and chemical conglomerate Koch Industries, and liberal-leaning financier George Soros. Sources suggest that these individuals may channel their contributions through foundations or organizations that keep their donors’ identities private.

For the full list, visit

‘Choose Life’ License Plate is Approved in Washington, D.C.

1382588931WASHINGTON, Oct. 24, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — In Washington, D.C., there is some very good news. The pro-adoption “Choose Life” License Plate, sponsored by The Children First Foundation of DC was welcomed into the DC DMV’s Organizational Tag Program yesterday. Without a hitch or glitch, several DC “Choose Life” tags with their two smiling children and positive message are already rolling on the roads of our Nation’s Capital.

Dr. Elizabeth Rex, the President and Co-Founder of The Children First Foundation, is very grateful to the many DMV officials that both she and Larry Cirignano, CFF’s Representative in DC, encountered during the entire application and approval process. “Everyone was very professional and helpful from start to finish,” said Larry Cirignano.

The colorful, red-white-and-blue DC “Choose Life” tag joins several other very colorful and diverse organizational tags including tags for the Bad Boys Club, the National Association of Black Scuba Divers, the Porsche Club of America, the Prince Hall Masonic Family, the Spirit of Faith Christian Center, as well as several organizational tags for veterans, fraternities and various colleges, including the University of Michigan.

As stated on the official DC DMV website, “organizational tags are a marvelous way for an organization to promote itself while allowing its members to demonstrate a commitment of pride.”

The proud mission of The Children First Foundation is to raise greater awareness and funding for Adoption and Safe Haven efforts. “Our members believe adoption is a loving choice for an unwanted unborn or newborn infant that deserves greater public awareness,” said Dr. Rex. “It is a mature, courageous, intelligent, pro-life choice that everyone can support,” she added.  “Adoption gives the greatest gift of all — the Gift of Life.”

Organizational tags may only be purchased by members who are in good standing with their organization and who must also pay a one-time fee of $100 to the DC DMV.

DC residents who wish to purchase a District of Columbia “Choose Life” Tag are encouraged to visit for more information. For further assistance or to help CFF “mobilize” a Culture of Life in DC, please call Larry at (202) 306-6863.

Our Constitutional Protections of “We, the People’s” Individual Rights and Freedoms

As the Articles of Confederation was written and established by the States, the unique perspective of our founders were that they gave us a U.S. Constitution written by “We, the People” and ratified by the States. This placed, We, the people over State and federal government. …and gave us certain rights even our local government is infringing on. Our Constitution distinguishes between the individual “the People”, the states and the federal government.

As our nation has drifted away from promoting a society centered around the individual, whereas he’s able to address the problems important to him. We have drifted into a collective society, one of harmonizing and deconflicting to an aggressive and controlling society. Where the issue of the day is what government is addressing and injecting itself.

Government officials at all local, state and federal levels take an oath to the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land. But to some politicians, this belief is the progressive, controlling role where problems are solved with the blunt instrument of government. Other politicians believe that government’s role is a passive role to where bureaucracies intervene to harmonize conflicts.

Whether we’re talking about an intervening United Nations, federal, state and local government.

Below are some individual rights and freedoms we enjoy under our current U.S. Constitution.
1. Free Exercise of RELIGION – 1st Amd
2. Freedom of SPEECH – 1st Amd
3. Freedom of PRESS – 1st Amd
4. Right to PETITION – 1st Amd
5. Right to peaceably ASSEMBLE– 1st Amd
6. Right to keep and bear ARMS – 2nd Amd
7. Freedom from QUARTERING TROOPS – 3rd Amd
8. Right to be SECURE IN your PERSONS, HOUSES, PAPERS and EFFECTS – 4th Amd
10. Freedom of WARRANTS being issued upon PROBABLE CAUSE – 4th Amd
11. Rights that WARRANTS SUPPORTED BY Oath and affirmation – 4th Amd
12. Rights of WARRANTS must be SPECIFIC, describing place to be searched and persons or things to be seized – 4th Amd
13. Freedom from being HELD to answer FOR A CRIME UNLESS on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury – 5th Amd
14. Freedom from DOUBLE JEOPARDY – 5th Amd
15. Freedom from SELF-INCRIMINATION – 5th Amd
16. Right to DUE PROCESS – 5th Amd
17. Right of PRIVATE PROPERTY taken for public use, without just compensation – 5th Amd
18. Right to SPEEDY TRIAL – 6th Amd
19. Right to PUBLIC TRIAL – 6th Amd
20. Right to an IMPARTIAL JURY in State/district where crime was committed- 6th Amd
21. Right to be informed of NATURE and CAUSE OF ACCUSATION – 6th Amd
22. Right to FACE ACCUSERS – 6th Amd
24. Right to COMPULSORY PROCESS for obtaining witnesses in his favor – 6th Amd
25. Right to the assistance of COUNSEL FOR HIS DEFENCE – 6th Amd
26. Right to a CIVIL TRIAL BY JURY – 7th Amd
27. Freedom from EXCESSIVE BAILS or FINES – 8th Amd
28. Freedom from CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT – 8th Amd
29. Freedom from others using their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO DENY OR DISPARAGE OTHERS – 9th Amd
30. Abolition of SLAVERY – 13th Amd
31. Constitutional Rights are protected to anyone born in the US…CITIZENSHIP – 14th Amd
32. Freedom from BLACK SUFFRAGE – 15th Amd
33. RIGHTS TO VOTE, afforded to Women (19th Amd), over 18 (26th Amd)

Thought You Heard it All About the IRS?

I am not known among my acquaintances as being in favor of anything the IRS does, from it’s conception onward. However, I recently learned something that was genuinely surprising to me about the IRS, and did something I didn’t conceive as possible. It made my contempt for the IRS actually increase.

 The IRS, according to a recently concluded investigation gave 132,000,000,000, billion dollars over the last ten years to people in the form of tax credits, via the Earned Income Credit, that they did not legally qualify for. Over 13 billion dollars a year paid to people who were not supposed to receive the money. Over 10,000 cases in a review of 60,000, had improper payments sent to them! If that wasn’t bad enough, the IRS not only admits this is true, the estimate by the review for this year is that another 12 billion will at go the same route! But wait for it… The real kicker is this. The IRS essentially says not only is there little they could do about it if they cared, they don’t care and aren’t going to do anything about it!

 Understand for clarity’s sake here that this money was paid by taxpayers to the IRS in the first place! That’s by you and me folks, out of our paychecks and not reaching the people it should reach, but rather being given to those who do not qualify to receive an EIC in the first place! The EIC is, as Bryon York explained to Greta Van Susteran of Fox News, “A poverty program,” designed to decrease the tax load on certain poor individuals and families. The fact is those who did not meet the requirements to be considered legally “poor” received money they were not entitled to get!

 Perhaps the only thing more pitiable than the situation I just described is the reason given by the IRS as to why they won’t do anything about this. They state that if they did it just might discourage those who do qualify for the EIC from applying! To think that these are the people who have been chosen to administer enforcement of Obamacare mandates should make even the most ardent supporter of socialist government cringe.

Lest you believe that your trusty federal government isn’t aware of this egregious situation, a federal directive was given to the IRS in 2009 to fix this specific problem. It is the response to that directive by the IRS which revealed why they were ‘reluctant’ to fix this problem, and apparently the federal government (read President Obama) agrees with them! For there has been no admonishment to the IRS to carry out this directive in the four years hence.

 However, one should not be so hasty as to lay blame on the Obama administration for this situation in the IRS. Remember that the investigation concerning this problem of improper payments of tax credits spans 10 years that we know of. This has been going on for at least part of the tenure of G.W. Bush and through President Obama, and likely through other presidents farther back and with other “poverty” programs administered by the IRS. We only know of 10 years because that is as far back as the investigation went. The problem lies not with any particular presidential administration but with the agency itself. The IRS is simply too powerful. Yes, it is legally bound to comply with directives from the President through the Treasury. But an entity whose own regulations carry the force of law, like the IRS, is free to essentially make new law and enforce it without having to wait for the pesky legislature or the president to do it. Therefore it is, through its own power to make and enforce law, able to effectively ignore directives as well. Should there be an investigation as a result of the agency ignoring or simply deciding not to carry out the directives, well, you have seen the response. The IRS basically said, “We understand but we disagree therefore we are not going to do anything about it.”

 Such arrogance is but one more reason the IRS needs to be dissolved and certainly should not be trusted with enforcing the mandates of Obamacare! What we need is someone in charge who will have the determination not to reform the tax code but to replace it with a flat or fair tax or a combination such as the 999 plan of Herman Cain. It is long past time to send the entire IRS packing folks, and this is what the best result of the latest “investigation” into its conduct should be.

Conservative Evangelical Agenda ‘Asks Too Little’ of Christians

WINSTON SALEM, N.C., Oct. 23, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Today in America, many Christians feel disillusioned as they watch the faith they hold dear being used to further a worldly political agenda. It is as if our religion has been taken hostage: forcibly wedded to a particular political ideology or economic system, or stripped down to a couple of hot-button issues, like abortion and same-sex marriage, as though to oppose these were the sum of our faith. Ironically, in our efforts to “take back America,” we have ourselves been taken captive by the prevailing culture and politics of imperialism, partisanship, greed, racism, and xenophobia that surround us. And so the struggle for the soul of a nation has also become a struggle for the soul of the church. How can we regain a political voice that is neither power-hungry nor passive, neither conservative nor liberal, but simply Christlike in its concern for justice and the poor?

In “Christ Held Hostage: The Hijacking of American Christianity,” evangelical pastor and author S.J. Munson explores these issues from the perspective of both the Bible and history. “There is an ever-growing frustration within American Christianity over the marriage of religion and politics,” says the author. “Many of us feel the so-called culture wars of the past forty years, have failed us. In the popular mind, the church, which Christ intended for the uplifting of humanity, has instead become a kind of pathetic old curmudgeon, leading the charge on the downward slope of regressive politics. Whereas Christ stood with the poor and powerless, too often we have become attack dogs for the rich and powerful.”

How has this happened? Throughout its history, Munson maintains, the church has frequently been accused of being a guardian of the status quo. This occurs whenever the church allies itself with power, empire, a certain economic system, or even a particular political party.

The solution, he believes, begins with reading the Bible with new eyes, to rediscover God’s deep concern for the poor and weak. “We are, first and foremost, followers of Christ. That means bringing his agenda to the table. And that agenda is a whole lot broader than any conservative or liberal platform.” For Munson, Christ’s agenda goes beyond abortion, same-sex marriage, and prayer in schools. “Limiting our agenda to such hot-button issues conveniently enables us to externalize sin, to say ‘those people’ out there are the problem. Yet when we read the Bible, we find the number-one social issue on God’s heart is concern for the poor and weak. If you start digging, you find that poverty and injustice are issues in which we are all deeply involved and implicated.”

Munson believes our agenda is too narrow and needs to be “expanded” to become a more consistently biblical one. “If we want to be biblically consistent, then we cannot cherry-pick sins,” he says. “These hot-button issues are important, but when it comes right down to it, they cost us very little.”

The Rev. S.J. Munson has been an evangelical pastor and writer for the past 25 years. The author of plays, theological articles, and fiction (“The Treasure of Israel,” 2011), he is an outspoken activist with a deep concern for issues of poverty and injustice. He resides in Winston Salem, NC.

“Christ Held Hostage: The Hijacking of American Christianity” by S.J. Munson is available in paperback or Kindle ebook via

‘MOLON LABE — How the Second Amendment Guarantees America’s Freedom’

From the movie Molon Labe, premiering Thursday night, online:


INSPIRED BY The Sword and Sovereignty
by Edwin Vieira, Jr.
James Jaeger

The world premiere for MOLON LABE will be Thursday, 24 October 2013. The full movie will be available at this link for FREE from 8:00PM until 12:00 midnight Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (5:00PM – 9:00PM Pacific Time) The purpose of the Premiere is to generate discussion of our nation’s right to “keep and bear” in particular the Militia as discussed in Dr. Edwin Vieira’s new book, The Sword & Sovereignty. Tell your family, friends and associates about the Premiere and refer them to this page:

In the meantime, watch the MOLON LABE trailer below, pre-order DVDs or donate to the initial marketing campaign. We hope you enjoy it and we hope you enjoy the movie.

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