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Obama Hates Black People

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  1. I truly appreciate these kinds of articles, Brian! I look with great admiration to men like Dr. Carson and many others who seem to be the exception rather than the rule. I intensely miss the segment of our society that COULD have been prospering all this time – who could have been motivated, critical thinkers instead of victims!

    The Democrat party is consummately evil at its core – always has been and always will be. That so many uninformed members of the Dem party are imbibed with the progressive lies that they HATE you for telling them the truth – the SELF-EVIDENT Truth – is further proof of that Evil! One can say their agenda does not work but that is with the assumption their agenda is to work for the good of this Nation. Their agenda DOES work if you shed the light of the truth on just what that agenda is – our destruction.

    We need all of our citizens – of every color, creed, and culture – to be free and prosperous! Instead of this racial tension carried like a banner onto a “battlefield” by the very people who claim to care about the “less fortunate”, we need all of us to truly understand that WE as a “One People” have the power and the opportunity to be the best that we can be for ourselves, for our Nation and for ALL of mankind! We do not NEED Government for that! We need Citizens who love this country!

    • Right you are, Derrell. A thought I had this morning, and one I wish I had included in the column, concerns “the rest of us.” If the left has succeeded in subjugating black Americans, and I don’t think there’s any other word for it, what plans do they have for the rest of us? This is where the “99%” and other economic and class divisions come into play. That’s how they’re trying to cut down the rest and create more victims. The Democrats are truly a clear and present danger.

      • I agree Brian; good point. According to them we are NOT even a race (what? Just the “other” humans?). What do they plan to do with us? Is that what the FEMA camps are for? It is just as racist to put one race below another, as it is to elevate one race over another. It’s the same thing. Affirmative Action was the most Racist thing this Government EVER did! The Democrats are the racists and they are insidiously evil about it because they act like they are NOT! I have friends of all kinds of colors. They are my friends because I like them as people!

        Have you noticed how many more black actors are used in TV Commercials? Nothing wrong with that except the TIMING (and the obvious subliminal message)!