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2 thoughts on “New York Doctors Revolt Over Obama-Care

  1. Jan Brown

    I suppose that if we lose doctors en masse, it will matter little that rural hospitals will collapse under the burden of Medicaid patients. I can see 2 distinct classes of care….one will allow the largest hospitals already outfitted with all the modern treatment abilities, to retain specialist by affording to ‘opt out’ of treating those with little or no insurance relegating these patients to smaller hospitals that cannot afford the latest equipment. Wile they treat only those that hold full coverage ‘private’ insurance.

    Doctors started a year ago dropping patients. Hank was a 4th stage cancer patient in treatment with medicare and no ‘advantage’ policy when his doctor ‘released’ all medicare/medicaid patients.

    Global Warming my foot!! This iceberg is growing!!

  2. Jim Clayton

    Great article Chris.I have written extensively about Obamcare onmy blog site and here and listed all the dangers associated with it like the so called death panels that will decide who gets what care and who doesn’t,the fact that all doctors will be paid the same and other atrocities in there. Many doctors are not accepting Medicare from new patients anymore because it doesn’t pay enough so now the dems in the senate want to pass a law saying all doctors must treat medicare and medicaid patients. Sen. Orrin Hatch has said this Obamcare was designed to fail so then they will move to single payer which is what Obama said in the beginning of his term he wants. That will be a true disaster and more loss of freedom and make us a socialist country with long waits and rationed doctors. Like you said,when will people wake up. He said all these things at the beginning and nobody listned. All they cared about was “he’s the first black president” when he’s not. He’s mostly half white and Arab and only one eighth black.

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