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Do we know how bad HealthCare.gov really is yet?

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  1. Very fitting clip…

    Obamacare isn’t about healthcare. Obama doesn’t care if it doesn’t work – ever. This is about transfer of power to the President! Healthcare is the carrot on the stick. And the mule obie is riding is POWER. This law strips us of our 3rd and 4th Amendment rights and nullifies the 9th and 10th Amendments. It gives obie legislative power if by no other means than he has already created legislation.

    Our best weapon, right now (since we don’t have an effective congress), is to individually resist the law by NOT obeying it. Then hope the 2014 elections are not already bought and paid for by this TYRANT.
    Like he clearly did last year!

    You better wake up folks!

    • Thanks for reading Derrell.

      I have one small quibble though on what our best weapon to resist is, and it’s something that even an ineffective Congress can do because it doesn’t require them to do anything but speak, which shouldn’t be a problem since, to a member, they all love the sounds of their own voices. It’s this:

      Insist that Obamacare be enacted and enforced *exactly* as it is written into law: no delays, no waivers, no exceptions. Since the opposition’s first reply to Obamacare challenges is “It’s the law”, make them faithfully execute it.

      Asking people to respond to positive principle on this issue, unfortunately, has failed. Negative reinforcement via Obamacare actually being executed as enacted could wake a lot of people up who aren’t actually involved in the national debate today.

      • Allen,

        I find that your quibble makes a lot of sense. It seems (Oklahoma?) there is actually a lawsuit underway to force all the original mandates to be enforced; that there are no exceptions as the law was written. Obama is in Constitutional defiance by altering the law himself. That is an authority vested solely in the Congress. That is an impeachable offense.

        Making him enforce the law as passed by Congress is the “right” strategy.

        Unfortunately I believe Obama’s defiance and his unwillingness to negotiate – indeed his taunting the Republicans to “get elected” – is grounded in his absolute assurance that he has the 2014 elections under his control and will not only keep and strengthen the Democrat control of the Senate but win the House too!

        I keep telling this; in the interum between the 1st and 2nd debates last year the program to control the computer controlled voting systems in key States were finally locked up in his favor in Sept. of 2012. I’ve talked with people who have discussed a striking change in the attitude of the government between Obama’s lacklusted 1st debate and Biden’s debate with Ryan. Didn’t it strike you as a complete about face? Obama was worried about the election in the first debate. Accorder to members of the government in lower tiers there was a distinct change in attitude and when obie came out in his second debate it was like it was a different guy – because he already knew the outcome! We’ve heard all the usual evidence and rumors but do you recall people reporting that their votes for Romney were flipped by the voting machine to Obama. According to this discussion (and I am trying to pursue this) a top computer programmer had already written a program to flip votes but it was traceable. However it came about, it appears this program was re-written to be untraceable and key states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida who apparently use a computerized vote count were compromised. That was in 2012. In 2014 two years later will not this lawless tyrant have been able to put in place much more of this sort of thing? The House leadership caved and the Senate minority leader was never on board with the opposition to the budget ceiling and stopping obamacare. The noise is that Senators and Reps were somehow paid off – smoke and mirrors in my estimation – they were promised to be re elected by Obama himself!

        Can’t substantiate these “rumors” nor what difference would it make – we have all kinds of nasty accusations and proof to back them up but what happens? Nothing. The lakkies in congress protect this “Curse”! So I guess we’ll just see next year.

        Our system works. But it is being dismantled before our very eyes. What is our best strategy for that?