How Advice from Three Frenchmen Could Have Won the Shutdown Battle

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  • Mr. Liesner,

    Thanks for commenting. I think the GOP saw the last of the official progressives in the 40’s. That school of thought is one of Teddy Roosevelt’s baleful legacies to our party and Woodrow Wilson’s to the nation at large.

    We still have RINOs, but the big problem we have now are the statists who feed on pork for themselves and their clients.

    They aren’t real conservatives and they certainly don’t support small government or term limits.

  • The Republican Party has and will always have a problem with the “One for all, and all for one” until it gets the progressives out of the party. The progressives do not believe in the Constitution, and like Democrats they only use it for their personal gain. They will unite with the Democrats, but never with the Conservatives.