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“What’s My Line? Is Flip-Flopping Obama REALLY a President?”

Disavowing his own “red line” ultimatum on Syria, President Obama destroys the “credibility” his supporters have been scrambling to protect. Crazy! Enjoy Norvell’s take on this foolishness.

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About Norvell Rose

Norvell Rose is the chief correspondent and analyst for LibertyNEWS TV. A winner of multiple regional Emmy Awards for his writing, producing and reporting, Norvell has close to 40 years in media and marketing.

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  1. I guess that Glorious Leader doesn’t realize that not everybody is like his bobble-headed lapdog media just standing around fawning over him and helping him cover up is mistakes. Can anybody imagine what things would be like if we had an objective and unbiased press corps in this country? EVERYBODY would realize what a complete moron this sham of President this child is.