TRIFECTA – Defund ObamaCare? Will GOP Efforts Succeed or Fail?

While the House has passed a short-term budget that also defunds ObamaCare, it’s not likely that the measure will pass in the Senate. So, it’s still worthwhile to explore the options for the GOP. Here, the Trifecta crew talks about the “not-so-nuclear” response being offered by Senator Toomey, and the pros and cons of the current options being pushed by conservatives.

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One thought on “TRIFECTA – Defund ObamaCare? Will GOP Efforts Succeed or Fail?

  1. Jan Brown

    Had Sen Toomey & other of like minds pushed his suggestions 2 years ago it might have worked. It’s still a more desirable method…..However, having said that, there are times that to get a donkey to move, you have to hit it between the eyes with a 2″X 4″…& In this case that would be Senator Cruz, Lee, Paul & sorta Rubio…… Even they were late in separating the issues…Congress acts ‘for the people’ & simply wants to eliminate the healthcare monster and has offered a way to keep the government on track….Obama has the only veto pen & Harry as his inkwell….The majority of those ‘no votes’ & nays are from House & Senate up for re-election that fooled constituents into thinking they meant to ‘serve’ other than themselves….Personally I’ll go chop down a tree if another 2’x4′ is needed.

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