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6 thoughts on “The Wave Of Conservatism Has Started

  1. Jerry T

    Well Chris you got replies to your thoughts from a Socialist and someone with a picture that is half of an Obama emblem and half of a Nazi Symbol. The latter just wants to throw in the towel and give up. But then again maybe the person is just happy with the situation as is. In either case we see what the great society’s of their persuasion and leanings have produced through out our history, genocide, unimaginable human suffering, stagnation and collapse. Honestly it is not about conservatism of liberalism, I was born neither. I was born an American and I believe in American exceptional-ism when it is freely allowed to be practiced and protected by our Constitution. Liberalism today is an enemy to our Constitution. A moderate is an American protecting our rights, freedoms and liberties under our Constitution using our Second Amendment rights if need be. These rights and freedoms judge no one and protect all Americans, conservative, liberal and the useful idiots!

  2. Zbigniew Mazurak

    Sorry, man, but the country won’t get more conservative, and the pendulum won’t swing in the conservative direction, anytime during the next few decades.

    In fact, demographics alone indicate that moderate, not conservative, voters are the key to winning elections outside one-party cocoons, and the country is getting, and will continue to get, ever less hospitable to conservatism, conservatives, and Republicans.

    Republicans will either become more moderate in word and deed and reach out to moderate voters, minorities, youngsters, and women (especially minority women), or they will never again be a nationally competitive party.

    Australia and Norway are not comparable to the United States in any way whatsoever. Not even close.

    1. Chris Vaca Post author

      Sorry to burst your bubble pal, but just like in those countries people are fed up with Liberal policies that take us no where but down. They will turn to the opposite party when things get bad enough.

      1. Sarthurk

        The problem with that hope, is that it might then be too late to save US. Some say it’s too late already. I tend to agree.

        1. Chris Vaca Post author

          I felt that same way when Carter was President, then Reagan changed everything. I must admit that Obama is worse than Carter and things do seem hopeless, but the point is no matter how bad it gets, things can change.

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