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Should The Government Be Shut Down

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  1. Do not let the government shut down. republicans caused our credit ratting to be lowered last time.The people will never forget. Obama care is law. We are a nation of laws so if we allow Congress to pick and chose what laws to enforce we might as well abolish all laws voted by the people.

    • You forget one thing Dave, the people did not vote for this law. It was rammed through by a single party by bribes, threats and payoffs. Last poll 59% of the people want it repealed. Before it is even fully implemented it is already hurting the people and the economy.

      • What do you mean “The people didn’t vote for this law”? The Affordable Care Act was a genuine attempt at a compromise (considering most of the elements that Republicans object to so much came from Republicans…this is not some sort of single-payer plan that liberals wanted) that was spurned by Republicans. Be that as it may, it passed in the House (an elected body), it passed in the Senate (also, an elected body), and it was signed into law by the elected president. It was challenged in the Supreme Court and upheld. It was challenged by a presidential candidate who used the law as the main plank of his campaign, and that man lost. In every way possible this law was voted for by “the people.” I’m really sorry, but the Republicans are throwing a pity party temper tantrum (and if the reports are true they are boozing it up quite a bit…apparently the Republicans are coming out of their closed door sessions reeking of alcohol). The Tea Party is behaving less responsibly than Lindsey Lohan.

        • The whole bill was set-up to push everyone into a single payer system, Government takeover of the health care system was the only goal. If you don’t see that than you are the one reeking of alcohol.

  2. Chris you asked the question I have pondered these past few days, “Is this a battle that the republicans can win?” I say battle because it’s this war against The Affordable Care Act that Americans have to win. Wars are comprised of many battles not always won. To much is at stake in this skirmish that is un winnable. Ted Cruz made a point in exposing the bad seeds that have been sown for Americans and unmasked the RINOs.

    These liberals in Washington want Americans to follow in the path of another Jones.., Jim Jones as they make ready the “Cool Aid” for all Americans to drink. Obamacare is no different for America than the cool aid was for followers of Jim Jones, but unfortunately most American are dumb enough to swallow whats being served. Ted Cruz and those senators in this battle will only accomplish what that Congressman did who flew into Gianna..Nada.

    We need to win the war on this toxic bill. The media will paint Cruz and the Republican party with the same brush as George Armstrong Custer for an errant mistake in choice.

    Let Obama and the liberals drink their own cool aid and take Custer’s place at the Little Big Horn. Let the American people become the Sioux nation and send Washington a message that we are fed up with life on the reservation that they are driving us onto.

    Americans are a free people who still have the liberty and laws established under our constitution to change this picture. The truth will always prevail over deceit and lies. There is nothing on this Earth that will steal liberty or freedom from the true America. True Americans will never be ruled over, we will always demand to be governed justly under the laws of our Constitution and soon enough Washington will understand this.

    Chris has Washington ever done anything right? NOOOoooo! The initial Obamacare doings will be so screwed up as just one big Custer F%^K, so much so that it will become the Colonic that finally cleans the house. Face it Chris there are only a few legislators in Washington that still have any balls. The rest survive by some false imaginary ill conceived power pill that in reality is only a placebo. But if they keep it up, which they will and finally piss the real everyday hardworking Americans off then they will see balls they never imagined. You reap what you sew, trust me, soon enough these fools will be knee deep in more shit than they will ever know what to do with.

    • Jerry, I wish I had your confidence about the direction of our country. I am truly on the fence about which way it will go. If Obama-Care sticks and another Liberal occupies the White House come 2016, I don’t hold much hope.

      • Chris I hold the hope for our nation that transcends the actions of anything that Washington can concoct on any given day. It is my belief in the American people when their back is against the worst wall. It is the tears they shed that tempers my convictions. Our leaders and our media lie about our false perceived hopes as they work diligently to crush our founders dreams. But lies are simply the fingers that plug the holes in a dyke. The dyke will fail and they will fall victims to the truth the drowned in. You have that faith too, believe it it.