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Republicans are throwing the 2014 election away

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  1. Guys, you misunderstand me. I’m not saying the GOP should nominate more RINOs liek Graham and McCain. I’m saying the GOP should nominate mainstream, moderate, electable candidates who are popular in their respective states instead of fringe, purist candidates who may be ideologically pure and seem perfect but who are doomed to lose the general election.

  2. SO…..the GOP can win….

    So long as it runs candidates that are indistinguishable from their Democrat opponents.

    And what, exactly, will we have won in that case?


  3. What the Republicans do NOT need are another slate of “mainstream” candidates who immediately forget their supposed “conservative” principles the minute they con people to vote for them. It is this betrayal that has led to Republican losses.

    Add to that the fact that if the establishment Republicans, like I am seeing in this article, don’t get their chosen candidates will immediately sabotage the candidate who does win the primary and then later after the general election throw up their hands and try to say they told us so when the candidate loses because of a lack of party support.

    It’s easy to sabotage a candidate so they lose and it is worse to have these goofy mainstream candidates that after spouting conservative phrases during the election show their “cooperation” with Democrats by passing a lighter version of what the Democrats wanted anyway.

    The Republican Party will die if we don’t have more Rand Paul’s and Ted Cruz’s in the Senate. Give us some more Lindsay Graham’s, John McCain’s, and Mitch McConnell’s and you ensure the end of the Republican Party.