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Obama’s Speech-Putin’s Ruse

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  1. No comments on this?

    If we, the American people, really want answers and want justice, we must overwhelm Congress with those demands. There is a lesson in what happened in the last few weeks that is very simple to understand. Nearly 90% of us said NO to the Syrian Strike and we said it to our Representatives in Congress. Only a small percent of voters write their Congress to express their opinions and concerns – that is typical of the last 230 plus years. Rarely do we, in such a loud voice, put our foot down. Our system is NOT broken – anymore than a car rolling down the road with no one’s hands on the wheel – we just do not guide the system. It is Government for the people, BY the people. If we want answers, if we want justice, if we want this fraud removed from office, we must make it so “hot” for Congress that they cannot avoid acting! This last week Obama backed down, NOT because Missy doesn’t like war but because the American PEOPLE do not support his “Red Line”. Keep this in mind – Even Hitler feared the people!

    MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD to those who can Actually affect these issues! Write them a letter, put a stamp on it, and put it in the mail! Sacrifice a little time for your freedom and set aside your defeatist mentality that we cannot do anything about this crap!!!