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2 thoughts on “Obama: The Most Transparent President Ever

  1. Jerry T

    Chris there are many Americans who are blind to everything. They are no information voters. Then there are the low information voters who are fed just enough information to make them dangerous. These types are spread all through my family up in Massachusetts, all are well educated and firm in their beliefs with one thing in common. All of their brains combined could not muster a single worthy thought on how to boil water. None understand transparency in government even tho their favorite color is Clear. Thank God I moved away before that virus took hold.

    But have faith in knowing that there many Americans who see right through Barry’s mojo of deceit and lies. To us this administrations transparency is very apparent and just as clear as a Goat’s ass.

    1. Chris Vaca Post author

      Jerry, there are many who see through his B.S. but not enough I fear.

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