How gun free zones and liberal policies contribute to mass shootings

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  • This would be an interesting argument if it wasn’t so silly. Some of the victims of the shooting last week were armed men whose weapons were taken by the shooter and used to create more victims. There is a fantasy that I keep encountering that possession of a gun automatically turns an individual into Bruce Willis. It does not.

  • Seems like if Clinton’s gun free military zone were created by executive order, that Bush could and should have rescinded it.

    Even if a law, the GOP majority in Congress during the Bush years could and should have fixed this.

    Someone in the Bush administration and GOP LOSERship (that is basically the same as when BUSH was in charge) seems to have dropped the ball here in fear of political correctness and a bunch of military folks have paid the price…

    Sadly, consistent lack of leadership on common sense and Constitutional issues has it’s consequences.

  • It works for Germany! A bi scary when you Irtysh get off the plane in the airport but you then find you feel safer walking the street s of towns where they are able to display Rolex watches in windows of stores at night.