Freedom of Religion for ALL or NONE!

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  • Your’e right, Joe…as is par. “The forbidden fruit is always more enticing…or so it seems. While the word “NO” is sometimes necessary, when overused loses it’s effectiveness & actually stops being heard, much less, complied with. PARENTAL INTERVENTION with ‘cross education’ & comparisons can PREVENT undue influence. This not only arms your children with the power of knowledge, but TEACHES THEM TO THINK & REASON….Wow! what a concept!!!We teach them to ‘look, before crossing the street’ and not to stick their fingers into light sockets” because of the hurt & harm that comes from it…..Why not also teach them to avoid the emotional/mental & moral dangers that exist? Real CONVERSATION (not text messages) contributes more to their education than ‘field trips’…If you don’t talk TO (not at) your children, you are not living the role of a parent. Old fashioned, perhaps, but effective….& a hug helps as well.
    Thanks, Joe for your common sense approach to a growing problem.