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America’s Fall: The Modern-Day Roman Empire

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  1. OKAY, I’m going to stir the pot here, not so much because I wish to change anyones’ beliefs in any particular religion but because I DO NOT BELIEVE the fall of America is some kind of Devine forgone conclusion! (And I am quite sick of hearing that defeatiam!)

    I am a hard line Conservative – even Libertarian – and I embrace Judao Christian Values.

    But the idea that the world, the universe, testifies to the existence of God – in particular the Christian God – is objectively unprovable. My question, which never gets a satisfactory answer, is; “as opposed to what?” Just because humans are so overwhelmed with the complexity of it all – our brains have developed the synergistic capacity to empathize and project our personal feelings beyond the self-centered instinctual drive to survive and procreate – doesn’t mean this was all created by some God.

    In fact, the earth itself offers contrary evidence that Christianity cannot explain. (So instead they conjure up disparities against such evidence as lies from Satan). How many times has the Church revised its stance on ideas that have unquestionably been proven incorrect?

    Morality is standard what humans have discovered and defined as what works best to all live together without destroying each other. If you abuse other people long enough they will, by natural law and their unalienable rights to do so, rise up and KILL you – or die trying! In other words things start going south when someone starts denying someone else their natural, human based, unalienable rights. This is the reason Progressivism – socialism – will ultimately fail every time! (And, btw, Christinity and Progressivism share the common ground that they both project the promise of a utopia or heaven!) The way to avoid that is to SELF-Govern with an understanding that to deviate is to fail! Governor Huckabee explains it very well; “Every time you do the right thing you reinforce freedom”.

    Right and wrong are human definitions to describe activates or attitudes that result in positive consequences and negative consequences. Animals are limited in their ability to recognize right and wrong as they simply react according to their memories or understanding of what happens when you do this or that! But Humans have analyzed right and wrong, good and evil, ad-nausea and made whole religions out of them!

    As I said, I am not opposed to living a proper and honorable life and I’m not even opposed to anyone’s beliefs in a “God” who represents that kind of life. I am opposed to the notion that the natural results of violating natural law – and common law – are the deliberate judgement of an unproven higher Authority. (“God” was codified by organized religions long ago to compel people to do what was right out of Fear! People rebel against being made to do anything. We need to base that compulsion on a more self-centered motivation; it is my best interest to treat you as an equal and respect your rights. To HELL with going to HELL – or heaven for that matter!) We ought to by now know what is for our own good and live by that because we want to! The failure of Christianity in my life was because the edicts and dictates came DOWN on me; I didn’t embrace living that way because I had too! I now live that way because I know it is in my own best interest! And there ain’t no Jesus making me do that, either! I was never taught the social reasons why violating someone else’s right were simply not in my own best interests! Quite the contrary I was taught a certain anti-socialism and even eliteism! ALLLL that mattered was “pleeeeeezing Gawd”! Worst of all – and to the true point I want to make here – is that fatalistic aspect of God – about the so called “End Times” – that I object to. “My people perish for lack of hope”. On the one hand you hope Jesus is returning – he isn’t – so you do nothing and leave the world to its hell. But on the other hand you are hopeless because you cannot do anything” to change the world !!! Since it is Biblical Prophesy!

    Christians! I applaud your beliefs and I am happy you have that hope. But the answer isn’t huddling in your pray closet. It is in taking an active part in our government. We the people – not the unions, not the bureaucracy, not the media, not the lobbiests – are the fourth branch of government and we damned well better start exercising our authority. And we better start teaching the next generation the value of Common Law, which is the combination of Natural Law and Human Rights! It is NOT enough to get out and VOTE (a lot of you don’t because “Gawd will save us”. “Jesus is coming back” – really? Where was Jesus in WWII, so far, the most horrific event in Human History? Don’t count on it!) You must actively pursue your legislative assets. Write, call, email, fax, and stand on the doorsteps of your Congressmen, Governor, and representatives at all levels – local, State and Federal. Be the voice of freedom demanding what is morally right – for your own sakes!