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Vice President Biden Threatens To Impeach The President

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  1. It angers me to no end every time I hear a politician who clearly acts against the Constitution say (imagine the deep ecclesiastical voice I mock them in) “I’m a Constitutional Scholar. I’ve stud-deeeed the Constitution!”

    This an INSULT of the highest order!!

    These people don’t study the Constitution to uphold it. Their intent is to subvert it – spin it. And take it away from us.

    Who can believe anything Biden says anyway…?

    • I agree, 100%, with you Derrell. And, another part of it is, because, they are Party hacks!

      These party hacks, mostly, are more concerned with their party reigning over the Government apparatus, and being able to spend our money, and conferring it to their crony friends.

      It is about pure political power – The Constitution be dammed!

  2. President Obama, wisely, decides to wait for Congress to reconvene, in order for them to vote on whether or not to launch an attack on Syria, and we have (so-called) Republicans, like Congressman Peter King, who are bothered that a President would actually follow The Constitution, and seek authorization from “OUR REPRESENTATIVES”!

    It can be, rightly, argued, as well, that, even Congress has no authority to use our military unless it is in the “explicit” Defense of The United States!