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The End Of Policy Revisited

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  1. Taylor, I, like you, find much to agree with your friend on and seems he’s right on the money with most of what he has said. His take on ‘incremental’ action is true to include the ‘dumping’ of Obamacare & knowing it was doomed to fail….yet suck out the energy of those fighting it…(pretty clever) Also the GOP does lack in definition and will as long as all the little segmented groups cling to their egos, convinced that their way is the only way. (WOW do the libs love this)…….The Libertarians have so truly great principals, yet, like most, don’t understand the full impact of the military on the entire economy. Their love of the Constitution is to be admired, but it seems that if you make up your mind & shut the door, not much light get in.
    By the way, I call myself a libertarian with a little ‘l’