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Obamacare – Good Enough for You, But not Good Enough for Congress

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  1. It is a mystery to me how you can read my column and conclude I’m “picking on federal employees.” I specifically name Members of Congress and their staff.

    You may have a bone to pick, but it’s not with me.

  2. All lot of people who have been commenting upon the issue of Congress & their staffers not having to suffer the same as everyone else, continue to confuse Congress & their staffers with federal employees.

    Federal employees have been under health care plans chosen by the Office of Personnel Management (or manglement)the the Federal Employees Health Benefits. Since they have health care, they would have the choice of keeping the health care they already have or choosing Obamacare. This benefit (and I use the term loosely) is not different than any other employer subsidized health care benefit in the private sector.

    Congress & their staffers do not fall under the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) & Obamacare (that bill that had to be passed for Congress to read it) clearly states that those who hadn’t read it & their staffers were to fall under Obamacare. And after the read it & understood what they had let themselves in for, they exempted themselves.

    So please stop picking on federal employees. We are as much at the mercy of these hyenas as any other American citizen.