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Obama Sends Drones To Attack Ted Nugent

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  1. video won’t come up….But, knowing Brother Ted, that might well be an ill conceived idea on gov’s part. He’s a sharp shooter known to shoot the eye out of a tiny sparrow in flight at several thousand feet…while yelling “Bring it on!!”

    It sure should qualify for a program in this day of UNreal Reality boring low budget productions

    Girl, you always find the good stuff!

    • Hmmm… not sure why it’s not coming up for you?? I am not showing any problems on my end….

      Jan, I try my best to bring you news AND entertainment! 🙂 With all that is going on in the world these days, sometimes it’s good to get lost in giggles for a few seconds!

      • I agree…..and these days I’m learning the full meaning of that “laugh to keep from crying” expression. Ted Nugent 1st got my attention when I hear him play ‘classical guitar” & that was longer ago than I care to think about.