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4 thoughts on “Obama Is Proof That Any Tom Dick Or Harry Can Be President

  1. Jerry T

    Chris I wish it were that simple for just anyone to be President and Commander in Chief. Our media, ABC, NBC, CBS etc. etc are goading this fool into a confrontation with Russia over Syria. Putin is not going to back down from Obama because he knows everything about Obama and the fact that he is a fraud. He schooled Obama behind closed doors and Obama was not happy about it. This is hard core KGB against a radical closet Muslim Socialist who is more of a Mickey Mouse Cub Scout than his own perceived GI Joe to the 8TH power. Obama showed his true colors with the comment to Medvedev over an open mic “my hands are tied until after the election.” Putin knows Obama is a squirrel and that he has deballed our military leadership. When Obama starts tossing fire power at Syria Putin will answer. That has me very concerned because our President is way way in over his head on Syria, The Muslim Brotherhood and Radical Islam. If he goes forward with this without Congressional approval he has to be impeached, not needs to be “Has to Be!” This neighbor hood organizer has managed to bring our world to the brink. He is nothing more than a radical Muslim, and whats even worse is that he is our President. Have we lost our mind along with our ass? No Chris not just anyone can be our President but right now I would take your aunt Tillie over this Buffoon.

    1. chris vaca

      You know Jerry, if obama had half the balls that Putin has he would be half way decent.

  2. Jan Brown

    Chris, I got so excited reading your post & started thinking that WOW ! I still have a chance to be President after all……Then I realized that I’m not Tom, Dick or Harry and I’m not even related to your Aunt Tilly…ah well…

    Seriously, you are sooo right and the real fear is that there’s another Obama waiting in the wings wearing a pant suit….UNLESS we dismiss the necessity of ‘trying’ to find the uber conservative that walks on water. Personal agendas must go away & the entire picture must come into play…that old saying “you can’t please all the people all the time, but you can please some of the people part of the time” plus leadership skill would seem to be worth consideration. What is too salty for some is just right for others and there can be a workable medium. Just as the Immigration & Healthcare issues must be addressed step by step…so must the restoration of our Great Nation.

    Du ya think even Madonna could get elected? (night mare on steroids)

    1. chris vaca

      Hi Jan, I agree, the right needs to losen up a little. I always said the reason why Obama got re-elected was because to many on the right who complained about Obama stayed home because they did not like Romney, so we got stuck with his highness again.
      As far as Madona, nothing would surprise me, the way this country is going Miley Sirus might run.

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