Institutions of Higher learning… About SEX!

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  • Mr. Messina,
    Evidently you’re simply the kind of misinformed shock jock that we’ve come to know all too well from Fox News and other infotainment outlets. Have you bothered to read Ms. Bechdel’s book? And from where did you extract that quote “Find Your erotic Self”? The College of Charleston has not suggested this book to its freshmen for the purposes of erotic self discovery. You are simply way off base with that assessment.

    You may not know that this book (not a comic book but a graphic novel), garnered high praise from much more reliable sources than yourself. (Time magazine named it the No. 1 Book of the Year; Publisher’s Weekly wrote “A story that’s quiet, dignified, and not easy to put down.”)

    Ultimately, Ms. Bechdel’s graphic novel is about nothing if not about introspection, and yes, that’s one of the things that any college freshman needs. It’s also about self discovery and family dynamics.

    I think you do your readers/listeners a great disservice when you dismiss any written work without trying to achieve a better understanding of it, and that understanding should at last be based upon having read the item in question.

  • Not to make too light of a serious trend…but,,, I can just see it now at a singles bar as the soon to be couple say “first, I need to see your health card and you diploma in sex education”