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Engaging Young Voters on Defense Issues

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  1. It’s essential to educate young people about defense issues BEFORE anti-defense libertarians masquerading as “conservatives” poison their minds with lies.

  2. Zbigniew Mazurak

    Excellent observations, Jan! But how do we get my message across to young people? How do we teach them of the importance of a strong defense?

  3. Many of our young voters have lived most of their lives when we were not engaged in wars. They were just small children on 9/11. They have no real concept of ‘what’ defense is….consequently their understanding is limited as well…Human nature tends to reject what isn’t understood. There are some of grannies that were young adults during Viet Nam & witnessed the horror it brought and we have seen first hand, times over that only our ‘military strength’ has kept us secure.
    The young people today have only seen the maimed & death from Iraq & Afganistan and a Country divided. And they certainly want nothing to do with that!!!
    Of course there are a number of other underlying reasons that would include the general apathy of the ‘adults’ & a feeling of ‘entitlement’ to their lives a they are.