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Book Review: Roger Thompson’s “Lessons Not Learned”

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  1. Interesting read Zbigniew,thanks.

    I was a USN serviceman in the late ’70s – the Carter years, a period proported to be dismal in terms of the military. (BTW I don’t quite agree that ships could not replinsh their supply of Tomahawks at sea. We launched and replenished Harpoons (Tommy’s little brother) at sea and they ain’t all that much smaller. Replenishing at sea is one of the BIG prerequesits of nearly any system the USN uses.)

    Then came the ’90s and the first Gulf war where all the “expert” were freaking out about the battle-hardened 4th largest army in the world. Granted, this was after Reagon but any military serviceman who has paid attention knows that no matter what the policical, the Armed services are always on the cutting edge of the tech advances and what the experts didn’t seem to know then was that “we” were more than ready with all kinds of little toys (some known of, and some unknown) that made the “4th larghest” inmaterial.

    I don’t know about today but I still maintain the same general attitude and I regard the noise makers to be seekers of attention, sensationalism and on some mission or agenda.

    And another thing; if foreign diesal boats did get next to a carrier it ain’t cause the technology wasn’t their to detect them. Above all else the USN protects its bird farms! Whatever the reason – if this is true – watch what happens if and when the real McCoy happens!

    I wouldn’t write us off to anti-ship missiles just yet either.