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3 thoughts on “Are Anti-Discrimination Laws Unconstitutional?

  1. Derrell Poole

    I never considered these thoughts either. It is insidious! And I don’t excuse the fools no matter how good their intensions were for their lack of responsibility in comparing EVERY piece of legislation against the Constitution! The oath they take requires that they discriminate on behalf of the Constitution everything they attempt to pass into law! Everything! Failure to do so is a violation of their oath and their responsibility and ignorance is NO excuse!

    T. Roosevelt, Woody Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Billy C. and his leash holder Hillary and the latest atrocity – Obie. These are the main player I blame for intruding upon my unalienable rights. I proclaim their names every time I defecate!!!

  2. Jan Brown

    I suspect that these options haven’t been thought of by a number of us. In 1964 I still had a blind faith in our government & would not of ever ‘dreamed’ that ‘they’ would do anything not constitutional….I think if the door of discrimination more often swung in both directions perhaps it wouldn’t have stuck. This is yet another example that well intended men mean to govern fairly & well….but they do, indeed, mean to govern.
    I realize that our beloved Constitution has been ‘under attack for a number of decades and were it not for the landslide portion of this administrations efforts to dismantle it completely, the gentle erosion would’ve gone unnoticed by most

    Unless someone comes up with a candidate that walks on water…we must realize “Ideal” ain’t a happening & this isn’t Burger King & your way may not be best for the rest of us….remember it’s GOD, Country, Family and then your ego

  3. Kent Zastrow

    Then big gov. Will tell you where you can live and work based on their formula of fairness and equality for all . Fight these wicked and immoral group of utopians with every once of freedom mixed with the blood past and present and future! May we who cherish what our fathers and forfathers did to pass on to us the love of GOD, Family and Country never surrender to the forces of evil. Men this our time to speak as well to resist the wicked forces that have crepted upon our nation and our souls. GOD told Jousha to be strong and courageous!!! Now is our time!!

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