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An Obama Scheme

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About JBrenneman

I'm a young guy from Ohio, and I'm driven by a concern and worry about the fallout of the arbitrary nature of our "leadership" in the government. I'm a concerned conservative, who is worried about the miserable and contrary rules that are issued from Washington. I wish more people would be far more weary of the destructive nature of government. I hope I ask questions that make you think, and get as nervous as we should be about the powers that be, in D.C.

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  1. To me, you’ve done a pretty complete job of laying it all out…thanks to ‘his’ lack of decision making 2 yrs ago, we’re in a ‘damned if we do & damned if we don’t’ position….I tend to agree with Amb. J. bolton & Col (ret) Peters that IF Obama’s handlers choose with political reasoning to jump in, make it a KO punch, not just a jab….
    Listening to Kerry, I found it interesting how he put a strong emphasis on the word/phrase “It MATTERS that…” several times……could he challenge Hillary???