Why Doesn’t George Zimmerman Mind His Own Business?

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  • Jan,

    Whoops, the notification on your comment went into my spam file and I just rescued you this AM.

    Many people believe things without examining their beliefs. That’s why I used to be a Democrat. After examination, I’m now a conservative.

    Thanks for reading,

  • My ‘O my, Michael, I see that once again you have forfeited political correctness & embraced ‘the truth of the matter’. It continues to amaze (& distress) me that a Country like ours is so populated in ignorance….not just of facts, but the inability or willingness to understand & learn. How is it that multitudes choose ‘slavery’ over freedom that abounds in our Nation?
    I enjoyed your approach to what should not even still be discussed by now….We all have washing machines and many still have agitators in the middle that stir ‘things’ up